Rapid GO! smart tablet for concrete pumping

Mobelisk, a pioneer in modular and programmable Smartcases to meet highly-customized mobile enterprise workforce needs, has partnered with Rapid Applications Group (Rapid Apps), the leading provider of software and GPS telematics solutions for the concrete pumping industry to introduce the Rapid Go! tablet.

Mobelisk Chimera SmartcaseUtilizing Mobelisk’s Chimera Smartcase, Rapid Apps was able to create a tablet solution for the field that is as rugged as it is functional. The Chimera Smartcase offers extended battery life, vehicle mounts, programmable buttons and a Software Development Kit (SDK) that enhance the mobility and overall usability in a variety of applications.

The Mobelisk Chimera Smartcase offers a flexible, modular, and durable solution that can be custom-tailored for companies seeking to deploy tablets in the field at scale and on budget. Chimera transforms affordable off-the-shelf hardware into highly durable enterprise solutions that meet the specific needs of any workforce.

More than just a durable case, Chimera can be fully integrated with proprietary applications with the aid of the Mobelisk SDK that features easily programmable LED buttons to streamline application use by employees in the field. Modules range from barcode scanners, magnetic card readers, RFID scanners, secondary long-life rechargeable battery, quick-connect vehicle mounts and more.

"A disconnected mobile workforce can be costly and inefficient, and with the Rapid GO! Tab built on Mobelisk Chimera, Rapid Apps is now able to offer an innovative solution that meets the rugged demands of construction workers to significantly improve the management of human capital in the field,” says Matthew Bullis, managing member of Rapid Applications Group. “Rapid Apps has partnered with other industry leaders to provide meaningful integrated solutions, but adding such important always-connected hardware to our ERP system is a first, and would not have been possible without Mobelisk.”

“This is the first real integrated deployment of Chimera to take full advantage of our solution in a very specific industry,” said Dennis Hamann, founder and CEO of Mobelisk. “We facilitated this optimized hardware and software appliance to give Rapid Apps a competitive edge, while simplifying the user interface to achieve  practicality and efficiency -- which is the essence of the platform. Rapid Apps is a great partner to make the first big splash with our platform, which is just scratching the service on the broad applications of Chimera across industries.”

The Mobelisk Chimera Smartcase solution is ideal for service-oriented value-added resellers (VAR) seeking to deploy mobile tablet solutions that are rugged and usable. Its modular design allows the flexibilitysupport the needs of a variety of industries. It also allows custom branding and overall cost savings. The solution provides enterprise-grade wireless service plans, robust mobile device management, and enhanced service and support, all in one, Hamann reports.