Lubricating life

The word, “friction” came up several times while I was interviewing Hernán del Aguila, one of the partners at Partner Rental based out of Kingston, New York.

He looks for friction in every aspect of their business. Internally and externally, he looks for the pinch points and does his best to greatly reduce them or eliminate them altogether. One of his favorite tools is technology.

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Clair Urbain
Publisher, Editor

From my perspective, most friction in business is caused by lack of access to helpful information. I’ve personally seen that as we set up our business processes in our company. 

Whether you are a customer, who attempts to look for rentals online only to find little substance on the local rental center’s website, to the rental center owner who isn’t quite sure if equipment is due for servicing, lack of information creates friction. Time is wasted and opportunities are lost. Often, that friction can easily spill over to affect others in our personal and professional lives. 

We hope you find our cover story, Remove the friction, to be interesting and insightful. Further, we hope you find the comments made by industry experts about skid-steer and compact track loaders helpful as you look to update your fleet or look for new applications in which to rent these units. Our Product Focus section features these units, as well as pumps and brush/stump equipment, that can help you better meet the needs of your customers.

We also share some insights from Infor about the challenges – and solutions available – in the equipment world. You’ll also find some insightful stories about business succession and tactics that can help improve your company’s bottom line.

In the end, we hope this information is the lubrication you need in your professional life to make it easier. Because once things are less of a rub in your professional life, it often reflects well into one’s personal life, too. 

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