Product Focus: telehandlers

New telescopic handlers models from Genie, Pettibone, AMS Merlo, JCB, Skyjack, Snorkel, Haulotte and JLG.

Genie GTH-5519 telehandler

Compact telehandler 
The Genie GTH-5519 compact telehandler is built for large and small tasks. It is easy to maneuver and transport, is convenient to service and meets the needs of most construction, masonry, landscape and agricultural applications. With a maximum lift capacity of 5,500 pounds, maximum lift height of 19 feet and an operating weight of 10,360 pounds, the GTH-5519 is designed as a general-purpose machine, small enough to work comfortably on congested job sites and can unload trucks, transport materials and power attachments such as augers and sweepers with its Quick-Attach system.

Equipped with a Tier 4-Final Deutz TD 2.9 L4 engine, it requires no DPF. Rated at 74 horsepower and replacing the 67-horsepower Deutz D 2011 L4 Tier 4-Interim engine, it meets emissions compliance with in-cylinder technology that uses cooled exhaust gas recirculation and a diesel oxidation catalyst as aftertreatment. It has a comfortable, spacious cab with tilt steering and ergonomic controls with an easy-to-use, multifunction joystick control for precise positioning. The variable-speed hydrostatic system drives a full-time planetary four-wheel drivetrain and offers four-wheel steering.

Rough-terrain telehandler 

The Pettibone Extendo 944X rough-terrain telehandler is powered by a 74-horsepower Cummins QSF 3.8 Tier 4 Final diesel engine that features a DOC and requires no diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). A 117-horsepower engine is also available. The side-mounted engine offers easy service access while allowing excellent curbside visibility and 18 inches of ground clearance. Its boom offers a maximum lift capacity of 9,000 pounds, forward reach of 30 feet and lift height of 44 feet, 6 inches. Formed plates reduce weight and minimize boom deflection. 

Boom overlap has been nearly doubled from previous models to provide smoother operation and reduce contact forces on wear pads, thereby extending service life. A bottom-mounted external extend cylinder further reduces the load on wear pads by up to 50 percent. This design also improves service access to internal boom components and a single extension chain eliminates balancing dual chains.

The telehandler also uses a single lift cylinder that improves operator sight lines and has twin non-tensioned hydraulic lines for tilt and auxiliary plumbing. The unit offers full-time four-wheel drive with limited-slip front axle differential; its tight steer angle capability offers a 14 feet, 1 inch turning radius.

Pettibone Extendo 944X telehandler

Merlo P50.18 telehandler

Panoramic telehandler 
The Merlo P50.18Plus panoramic telehandler offers a lift height of 58 feet 5 inches, reach of 44 feet and load capacity of 11,000 pounds. It also features independent, front axle-mounted stabilizers. Boom side-shift and frame leveling are standard and can be used with or without stabilizers. The stabilizers act independently for greater stability on uneven ground. When not deployed, the stabilizers retract close to the front axle for unimpeded maneuverability.

Lighter in mass than similar machines with an unladen weight of 29,300 pounds, it offers high ground clearance, hydrostatic transmission, 100-horsepower Deutz engine and a Tac-lock system for simple attachment changeout. Its modular design and FOPS/ROPS-certified cab offers more than 46 square feet of window so the operator has a good view on the load and machine surroundings. The cab offers a wide split door, ergonomic seating, electronic joystick, simplified interfaces and AC/heat. The unit uses the Merlo MCDC operational safety software program that recognizes attachments and monitors boom extension, angle and load weight.

Subcompact telescopic handler
The 504-13 Loadall telehandler is the most compact JCB telehandler available in North America, with a lift capacity of 4,000 pounds and lift height of 13 feet 3 inches.

It meets the growing demand in North America for telehandlers in the sub-6,000-pound category and is suited to maintenance applications, job site clean-up and material handling within confined worksites.

It features an all-steel body, permanent four-wheel steering and low boom profile for exceptional visibility, enabling improved productivity and safety.

It can use a compact toolcarrier or skid steer coupler to accommodate a wide array of attachments and applications.

JCB 504-13 compact telehandler

Skyjack SJ519 TH telehandler

Compact telehandler
Skyjack adds the SJ519 TH, its first compact telehandler that offers a 5,500-pound lift capacity and a maximum lift height of 19.1 feet.

With a full opening door, operators can access the cab with ease. At its maximum reach of 11.25 feet, the SJ519 TH can still lift a rated load of 4,400 pounds. All major service points are easily accessible.

New telehandlers
Snorkel expands its telehandler line with the SR9244 that has a lift capacity of 9,260 pounds, lift height of 44 feet 4 inches and forward reach of 31 feet 2 inches; and the SR1054 with 10,000 pounds lift capacity, lift height of 53 feet 9 inches and forward reach of 41 feet 4 inches.

Both models have an overall width of just 7 feet 6 inches and a stowed height of 8 feet 5 inches. They have full-time four-wheel drive and foam-filled tires for tackling rough terrain. They are equipped with power-assisted steering and are powered by a Deutz TLD 3.6L 100-horsepower Tier 4 Final-compliant engine.

The fully enclosed cab includes an adjustable suspension seat, heat and air conditioning and proportional joystick controls. Its B-Class carriage adaptor and hydraulic attachment quick-disconnect fits a wide range of attachments.

Snorkel telehandler

Haulotte HTL 3207 telehandler

Compact telehandler
Compact and versatile, Haulotte’s new HTL 3207 telescopic handler provides maximum efficiency on tight job sites. It offers excellent maneuverability and significant work autonomy under optimal conditions of safety and comfort. The HTL 3207 is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission for optimal torque, power, speed and driving comfort. The inching pedal offers smooth and progressive driving.

The HTL 3207 provides a maximum lift capacity of 3.52 tons and is designed to lift any type of load up to a height of 22 feet, 4 inches. With a short turning radius and a length of just over 15 feet, this new machine can easily access narrow spaces. The spacious and ergonomic cab offers optimal visibility and has a fully adjustable seat with shock absorbers to reduce fatigue.

The 4-in-1 joystick enables the operator to precisely control all movements and the easy-to-read load moment indicator includes an automatic cut off when operating with a tilting risk and an automatic reset in case of dysfunction. It adapts to the ground conditions so that the operator can focus on lifting operations in complete safety. With 20-inch tires it can easily cross a gap. On worksite mode, speed is limited to under 5 mph; on road mode, the telehandler runs up to 15.5 mph. It can operate in two-, four- or crab-steer mode.

High-capacity telehandlers
The JLG 1644 (pictured) and 1732 telehandlers offer 15,600 and 16,750 pounds of lift capacity and are the first telehandlers in North America with optional SmartLoad Technology, a bundle of three technologies that deliver a greater level of operator confidence.

SmartLoad Technology offers attachment recognition that matches the appropriate load chart on the monitor for the operator. It also offers a load management information system (LMIS) that shows the location of the load within the load chart and prevents the operator from violating the boundaries of the chart. The third component is a load stability indicator (LSI) that works in conjunction with the LMIS to limit operation when a load becomes non-compliant.

The units feature JLG’s precision gravity lowering system that provides the operator with better, more precise control. The spacious cab has enhanced visibility, two-speed hydrostatic transmission, optional boom float and ride control for enhanced load stability on uneven terrain. They come with an integrated tow hitch and are compatible with a wide range of standard and specialty attachments, providing the operator with more options on the work site.

JLG 1644 telehandler

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Narrow telescopic handler
The super-compact Manitou MT 420 telescopic handler is a highly versatile machine that excels in loader, telescopic handler and industrial forklift applications. At just 4 feet 11 inches wide and 6 feet 3 inches tall, the Manitou MT 420 can work in confined areas, such as urban street job sites. It is also able to fit easily through a standard double door, making it a great machine for inside work. In addition, the Manitou MT 420 is only 11 feet 11 inches long from rear to fork carriage and under 10,000 pounds, so it is easy to transport. It has a maximum lift capacity of 4,400 pounds, lift height of 14 feet 3inches and forward reach of 9 feet. Most North American palletized loads are under 4,000 pounds, so the MT 420 is an ideal machine for moving building materials around the job site. On a larger jobsite, this machine can take on the task of feeding material to a larger telescopic handler or crane, so the larger equipment is better utilized for more appropriate tasks. The MT 420 is also popular for rental customers in residential or smaller commercial applications. Popular attachments for the MT 420 include grapple buckets, forks and buckets.

Manitou MT 40