Posted February 13, 2019

Product Focus: Pumps

Pump manufacturers share what's new in their pump lines.

Trailer pump package
BBA Pumps introduces its BA150E trailer pump package. In addition to the popular super-

BBA Pumps BA150E trailer pump

silent pumps with canopies, the demand continues for this classic pump trailer concept. This new 6-inch unit is packed full of benefits for its users. Vacuum-assisted pumps from the BA series feature the BA150E dewatering pump that provides a capacity up to 2,090 gpm. Due to the large solid passage of 3.15 inches, combined with a grinding wear plate, the pump is also perfect for sewer bypass projects. The completely galvanized trailer is equipped with a large composite fuel tank. The lifting device also serves as a protective cover for pump and engine. The height of the pintle hitch can be adjusted and the trailer is fitted with all the necessary safety provisions, BBA Pumps sources report.

Atlas Copco PAS pumps

High-flow pumps
Atlas Copco Power Technique North America offers three high-flow pumps in its PAS line: The PAS 100, a 4-inch pump accommodating flows up to 1,232 gpm; the PAS 150, a 6-inch pump accommodating flows up to 1,430 gpm; and the PAS 200, an 8-inch pump accommodating flows up to 3,655 gpm. The open-frame pumps are highly efficient diaphragm models with a semi-open impeller and a large separator that can pass true 3-inch spherical solids. Air is separated from the liquid and sucked by the vacuum pump for automatic and efficient priming. Wet- and dry-prime options are offered. The PAS pumps include hinged doors for easy access to the pump housing, making them easy to service and clean. They are easy to transport with multiple trailer configurations available. Exhaust emissions compliance is met by the Tier 4 Final engine designed for low fuel consumption.

Gorman-Rupp ValuePrime Series dewatering pumps

Priming-assisted centrifugal pumps
Gorman-Rupp introduces a new line of cost-effective priming-assisted centrifugal pumps. The ValuPrime Series (VPA) line of pumps are compact and powerful pumps, ideal for dewatering and are based on the proven technology of the Prime Aire and Prime Aire Plus models. Featuring model sizes 4-inch x 4-inch and 6-inch x 6-inch, flows to 1,520 gpm, total dynamic head to 150 feet and solids-handling capabilities up to 3 inches, these pumps come standard with a 34-gallon fuel tank, programmable control panel, EPA-compliant Isuzu Final Tier 4 diesel engine and a one-year factory warranty. These pumps are ideal for flood and storm water standby, general job site dewatering, dust control and for water and street department applications.

Chicago Pneumatic WEDA pump line

Small-range dewatering pumps
Chicago Pneumatic Power Technique (CP) offers the WEDA line of five dewatering pumps that are small, lightweight, portable and easily maintained. The line is made up fo two drainage pumps (WEDA 04, WEDA 08), two sludge/trash pumps (WEDA 04S, WEDA 08S) and a residual pump (WEDA Q4B). They provide fast and efficient dewatering for a wide variety of applications. The design of the pumps’ outer jacket for cooling and thermo protection keeps it running safely under various conditions. All pumps can handle fluid temperatures up to 95F and have a maximum submerged depth of 16 feet.


Automatic dry self-priming trash pump
MWI Pump’s PrimeRite CT012P 12 x 12-inch automatic dry self-priming trash pump is designed for ease of use and the handling of high volumes of water up to 6,500 gpm with head conditions up to 115 feet. The heavy-duty, open impeller can handle sewage and debris solids up to 3.125 inches. Standing 82.5 x 128 x 63 inches and weighing in at 7,500 pounds (dry), the unit comes with an integrated 198-gallon fuel tank, oil-filled bearing box and a mechanical seal in an oil bath. This design allows it to run dry for up to 24 hours, making it the right choice for handling inconsistent flows found in sewage bypass pumping, mining, quarries, municipalities and job site dewatering. Each unit is completely self-contained on a skid or trailer configuration with an integral lifting bail, tie downs and fuel tank. When coupled with a Silent Partner sound attenuation system for sensitive areas, each pump can achieve sound levels as low as 67dB at 7M (CPB Rated).

Hydra-Tech S3T hydraulically powered pump

Hydraulic-powered pump
Hydra-Tech’s S3T, three-inch hydraulic drive submersible trash pump is designed for jobs such as construction sites and manhole pumping. The S3T is able to fit into 12-inch openings and is used where lightweight, high-volume trash pumps are needed. To pump liquid with limited solids, a small-hole water strainer is available. Combined with Hydra-Tech HT11 to HT15 power units, the S3T is capable of flows up to 380 gpm.


Multi Quip QP3THX pump

Quiet, compact engine-driven trash pump
One of the most common work-related illnesses in the United States is occupational hearing loss and one of the more popular units found in the rental industry are compact, three-inch engine-driven centrifugal trash pumps. To tackle the noise signature associated with these types of pumps, Multiquip Inc. offers the QP3THX, an industry-first quiet-running, 3-inch centrifugal trash pump that offers dewatering performance, quiet operating sound signatures and long run times. It provides up to 396 gpm flow, 95 feet of head, and 41 psi. It’s designed to handle fluids with up to 25 percent solids by weight and can move solids up to 1.5 inches in diameter. The ductile iron impeller/volute construction offers abrasion resistance and long life; a precision lightweight aluminum casing facilitates pressure integrity. Its silicon/tungsten carbide mechanical seals provide long life. The EPA/CARB-compliant engine has low-oil shut-off and a rugged tubular frame built for transportation and pump protection.

Mi-T-M pumps

Trash Pumps built for rental
Mi-T-M trash pumps are ideal for quickly removing unwanted water and waste. Mi-T-M trash pumps come in 3- to 4-inch suction capacity and discharge sizes and are capable of handling solids up to 1 inch in diameter. Powered by an industrial Honda OHV engine, these units have a suction lift of 26 feet and are capable of moving up to 580 gpm. Heavy-duty, powder-coated wraparound frames and rubber isolators, silicon-carbide mechanical seals and a cast iron impeller add durability and longevity to these pumps. Ideal for construction and agriculture applications, they are a great addition to any rental fleet, Mi-T-M sources report.

Honda WT Series trash pumps

Complete line of water pumps
Honda Power Equipment offers rugged, easy-to-use models of pumps: the gasoline-powered de-watering, trash, multi-purpose, and the fully electric submersible series. Honda also produces a number of pumps for specialty applications. The Honda WT Series trash pumps are ideal for heavy-duty commercial and agricultural applications and have a quick clean-out, full tubular frames, unique conical-shaped cast-iron impeller and volute, replaceable stainless-steel wear plates, long-life, silicone-carbide water seals and lightweight cast aluminum pump housing. The WDP Series diaphragm pumps have a positive displacement design that moves wastewater with up to 2.4-inch diameter solids. They feature an innovative shock-absorbing spring-loaded connecting rod. The Honda WMP20X multi-purpose pump can transfer approved industrial and agricultural chemicals and has a special composite pump case. It features two-inch suction and discharge ports, spring mounting feet, standard Oil Alert and a discharge capacity of 220 gpm.

Brave trash pumps

Semi-trash and trash pumps
Brave semi-trash and trash pumps are available in 2- or 3-inch ports and can handle solid particles in suspension up to 1 1/8- inch diameter. EPDM mechanical seal, inlet valve and durable cast iron impeller provide longevity and reliability in dewatering applications. The pump’s flow rates are up to 272 gpm/16,320 gph. Brave pumps are suitable for flood water removal, lawn and garden watering and pond filling. The pumps are powered by a Honda engine, offering reliability, performance, lower noise levels, lower vibration and lower emissions. They feature oil alert, ease of use and maintenance, are emissions-compliant and fuel-efficient, Brave source report. Their stable, wide bases and fully welded rugged steel roll cage offers maximum protection at the jobsite and while transporting.

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