Posted February 13, 2019

Product Focus: Brush cutting and stump processing

Equipment manufacturers share new models to cut brush and process stumps.

Rayco stumper

Stump cutter
The Rayco Super Jr stump cutter is the original self-propelled, backyard stump cutter that professionals have relied on since 1986. The Super Jr stump cutter is powered by a 27 or 37 horsepower gasoline engine. For visibility while cutting, the drivetrain is located on the far side of the cutter wheel and the swing-out control station gives operators the best view while cutting yet swings into the machine for travel through gates. Wide floatation tires with bar tread provide a firm grip on terrain; dual wheels can be added for extra stability. Rayco’s exclusive slewing ring pivot design lowers the center of gravity and lets the Super Jr cut at maximum depth across its total swing path. The RG37 is available as a tracked unit with a short track base for easy turns with less turf.

Land Pride wood chipper

Wood chipper
Land owners can use a Land Pride wood chipper and their subcompact tractor to quickly turn mountains of limbs into chips for mulch or compost. Driven by the tractor’s PTO, the WC1503 features a self-feeding 3-inch cutting capacity, two reversible and replaceable hardened steel knives, adjustable discharge chute and dual B-section drive belts. The Land Pride WC1504 features a self-feeding 4-inch cutting capacity, four reversible and replaceable hardened-steel knives, adjustable discharge chute and direct drive to rotor. Adjustable support stands help elevate the models to match the height to the tractor’s output shaft, enabling the driveline to remain straight and level.

Bobcat forestry cutter attachment

70-inch forestry cutter attachment
Easily rip through hard and soft woods with the Bobcat 70-inch forestry cutter attachment. This forestry cutter model offers up to 17 percent more mulching production, allowing for greater production in less time. The 70-inch forestry cutter is approved for use with Bobcat M2-Series compact track loaders — T770 and T870 — and the S850 skid-steer loader. An additional 400-pound counterweight is required when using the 70-inch model with the T770 compact track loader. Approved skid-steer and compact track loaders require high-flow auxiliary hydraulics to operate the attachment.

Stihl chain sawProfessional chain saw
The Stihl MS 462 C-M and MS 462 R C-M chain saws were specially engineered for the professional user who desires more power and reduced weight, resulting in less user fatigue. Both models feature an excellent power-to-weight ratio and feature the next generation of the Stihl M-Tronic engine management system that electronically controls ignition timing and fuel metering. The saws auto-adjust or adapt to varying operating conditions, such as changes in altitude and fuel quality for optimal performance. An anti-vibration system ensures acceptable handling, especially with longer guide bars.

Dosko brush chipper

Brush chipper
The Dosko 13-21T-13H brush chipper is a high-powered, portable brush chipper that’s ideal for the rental industry. This brush chipper is powered by a 389cc GX Honda engine, making it possible to shred even the toughest brush. It features a 5.5-inch x 5-inch infeed opening and a 19-inch x 19-inch hopper and a 4-inch capacity intake. For easier transport, it has fold-down handles and 15-inch tall tires yet is only 44 inches long x 32 inches wide x 60 inches tall, so this unit will easily fit through gates. An optional tow package is available. The unit has a double-edged, reversible knife that spins at up to 2,274 rpm. If the blade gets dull, it can easily be replaced using the brush chipper’s easy-access components.

Boxer X7 brush chipper

Brush chipper 
The Boxer X7 brush chipper is designed primarily for the rental market and independent contractors. Its 7-inch capacity is easy to use, tow and maintain. With a simple design and a powerful, aggressive, larger-diameter chipping disc, it has greater material-pulling and -clamping force than others on the market to quickly and easily power through material. With its standard auto-feed system that controls the unit to stop and start at preset intervals, it takes the guesswork out of feeding material. An electronic fuel-injected (EFI) gasoline engine is 25 percent more fuel efficient than carbureted models and the 270-degree manual swivel discharge chute with multiple swivel settings and a ground-adjustable discharge flipper direct discharged material.

Turf Teq brush cutter

Field and brush cutter
Turf Teq offers the 1305BC brush cutter that’s powered by a 13-horsepower Honda engine and features a hydrostatic drive, side-shift, oscillating cutting deck and side discharge. The side shift cutting deck allows the operator to cut under fences, trees and other difficult-to-mow areas. On hillsides, the pivoting feature adds stability to the machine by increasing the machine’s overall ground contact pattern. The deck side shifts incrementally to the left up to one foot beyond the handle bars. The deck also has an adjustable cutting height. The operating speed is infinitely variable with the forward / reverse control lever at the operator’s right hand. All controls are located at the operator handlebars. The model 1305BC can also be used as a multi-use tractor with quick-attach that can be converted to operate a power edger, power broom, power rake or power plow.

Dosko stump cutter

Stump grinder
Dosko’s 337-13HC stump grinder is powered by a 389cc Honda GX engine with oil shutdown sensor and a Cyclone air filter. It has an inner vent carburetor to keep the air/fuel ratio more constant and more than doubles the service interval for air filter maintenance. The direct-belt drive features a three-groove power band with idler bearing belt tensioners that delivers 2,200 rpm to the cutter wheel. It is small enough to fit through gates and features Dosko’s unique side discharge frame that moves cuttings away from the machine, keeping the work area cleaner. The standard, industry-proven Greenteeth can be rotated in three, 120-degree increments for a fresh cutting edge in minutes. The unique concave cutting edge ensures the teeth will sheer stumps rather than shred them, improving longevity and job speed. A tow package is available to easily attach and detach from your vehicle.

Solesbee's stump puller

Replaceable wear tips
Solesbee’s Stumper excavator stump puller offers efficient stump removal and land clearing. Manufactured with high-strength alloy steel and replaceable wear tips for extended service life, the attachment fits 15- to 40-ton excavators and can increase production by as much as 30 percent when compared with bucket attachments, bulldozing and forestry mowing. Two curved shanks easily cut through roots so operators can remove stumps without displacing a large amount of dirt. The Stumper can be paired with Solesbee’s excavator thumbs to lift and stack debris; claws on the back of each shank push stumps away from the excavator. The Stumper is compatible with Solesbee’s Quick Coupler, making attachment changes fast and easy.

Stumper 360 grinder

Stump grinder
Stumper Industries introduces the new Stumper 360 that features a powerful high-torque motor driving the large 36-inch grinding wheel manufactured from 1-inch thick steel. The grinding wheel uses 25 carbide teeth and seven rakers to optimize the depth of cut and maximize productivity. The 360 utilizes a heavy-duty drivetrain with precision-machined and -welded components along with premium greaseable bearings. Stumper Industries has been designing and manufacturing stump grinders since 2003. Stumper offer grinders for mini- and full-size skid steers, excavators, tractors, and select UTV and are available in sizes ranging from 22 up to 36 inches with high-flow and standard-flow options available.

Progressive Turf Equipment remote-controlled mower

Remote-controlled mower
The Slope-Pro remote-controlled track mower from Progressive Turf Equipment can rough- or finish-cut difficult and sloped areas where other methods cannot be used safely or economically. With a low center of gravity and even weight balance, the unit is stable and can operate on 50-degree side slopes. Featuring a 52-inch wide cut with twin counter-rotating blades, on-the-fly height adjustment and up to 4.5 mph travel speeds, its range of applications is almost limitless. The Slope-Pro offers increased productivity and safety over other cutting methods in steep or hazardous locations. The second generation High-Drive model features increased track support for longer life and greater durability as well as easier track tensioning that uses a grease cylinder adjuster and recoil spring.

Toro STX-38 stump grinder

EFI engine-driven stump grinder
The Toro STX-38 stump grinder now includes an electronic fuel injection engine (EFI) that offers reduced maintenance efforts by eliminating the carburetor. Built for outstanding durability in the toughest conditions, the stump grinder no longer has a choke, allowing for easier start-up. Hydraulic drive eliminates expensive belts from breaking or slipping and  there is no need to adjust tension. With ground speeds up to 4.5 mph and a weight of 1,750 pounds, the STX-38 cutter head offers better chip management and a greater ability to grind below grade. The reshaped guarding improves chip space and ground clearance under the head. The unit operates with an Intelli-Sweep feature that automatically adjusts the speed of the wheel when sweeping across a stump to help achieve optimal performance.

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