Posted November 16, 2021

Donation for construction workforce development

The Toro Company Foundation supports construction workforce development with $15,000 donation to Crew Collaborative.

Crew Collaborative, a non-profit organization that uses innovative tactics to strengthen the blue-collar workforce, has received a $15,000 grant from The Toro Company Foundation to support its efforts. The donation will exclusively sponsor Crew Collaborative’s Classroom Talks.

“The Toro Company (TTC) is committed to building the construction workforce and recognizes that successful construction careers start in the classroom,” says Judson McNeil, president of The Toro Company Foundation. “We’re proud to assist students as they begin their career planning by helping them understand all of the opportunities available in this critical field, including roles at TTC.”

The Classroom Talks sponsored by TTC and facilitated through Crew Collaborative will take place routinely throughout the school year starting in fall 2021. Students will hear from industry representatives on the various career paths offered in construction, including those that require college degrees and those that can be started following high school graduation.

Ninety percent of U.S. contractors expressed concerns about the labor shortage, and 52 percent of construction workers were born before 1980, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Crew Collaborative works to establish the construction community around the world to change the stigma surrounding careers in construction through education, conservation, events and advocacy. The Classroom Talks play a critical role in helping young people understand the many avenues available for a successful career in construction. 

To learn more about The Toro Company Foundation, please visit Toro’s website.