Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) announces Mission Zero pledge

In honor of Forklift Safety Day celebrated June 8, PERC encourages material handling professionals to take its new Mission Zero Pledge and get a $5 Amazon gift card.

“A strong safety culture is something to take pride in, and this pledge is designed to recognize crews across the country who are already working hard to maintain a safe workplace each day,” says Matt McDonald, PERC director of off-road business development. “At PERC, we take pride in supporting propane users. We believe that together, through ongoing training, education, and engagement opportunities, we can achieve zero accidents.”

In addition to the pledge, PERC’s safety landing page is home to a collection of free safety resources including a toolkit for safety directors and forklift dealers, a downloadable safety poster, and PERC’s forklift trivia challenge. Additionally, material handling professionals can watch an eight-part video series emphasizing important safety protocols for those working with or around propane forklifts and access information on how propane suppliers can offer support. 

To sign the pledge and learn more about forklift safety, visit