Posted September 21, 2021

Website development tool now available

Alert Rental recently announced its newest offering, Alert Web Assistant, is available to any rental business – not exclusively to Alert clients.

“Rental businesses are able to focus on what they do best and leave their websites to the experts,” says Kara Longmire, Alert co-president and CEO. “We’re delighted to offer rental companies the opportunity to own their own websites, and because of our economies of scale in rental, we’re able to offer websites at a fraction of the cost of a designer who is starting from scratch.”

Mary Crosslin, Alert’s co-president and COO, adds, “It is important to us to bring a highly polished product to the entire industry, and all of our websites are professionally developed and managed. Each rental business is able to list its rental inventory, and Alert clients have the ability to link their website to their Alert software for maximum efficiency.”

Alert Web Assistant websites include three pages, expandable indefinitely. Rental businesses own their own websites and domains. For upfront pricing, go to