Posted December 10, 2021

Menegotti gains foothold in North America

With warehouse facilities located in Atlanta, Georgia, Menegotti North America offers  the American market a high-quality range of concrete mixers, mortar mixers and compaction equipment with ambitious growth plans in through investments and product extensions.

Founded in 1940, the Brazilian-based Menegotti Group has built its reputation for being bold, innovative and capable to reinvent itself over its 80-year history. The company is now led by Pauline Menegotti Horn, CEO of the Menegotti Group since 2016. She represents the fourth generation of the Menegotti family.

Pauline was being prepared to take over the business early in her career. She worked in different areas of the company and after eight years, she was asked to become CEO. The company was going through difficulties and understood that, anticipating this plan, it would be a valuable move, keeping in motion both the short- and long-term strategies of the company. Pauline offered a more direct, personal and assertive communication style, reinforcing the confidence of everyone involved in the business.

“My message is that women have skills-set that can make a big difference in strategic positions of all kinds. We need to own it and make it work. We are going through a time that values a new kind of leadership that considers emotions in the working environment, not authoritarian-oriented values, which is important for most females in the workplace. As CEO, I have the passion of our founder to lead our company. I understand that it means also leaving a legacy to my family, heirs and everyone that is part of the Menegotti Group to perpetuate our business. It is with this passion that we decided to expand our operation in the United States and consolidate our brand in the American market. We came to make a difference and we are here to stay,” says Menegotti.