Posted November 28, 2018

Terex Utilities shares tips for proper tandem-vane pump installation

Tech Tip No. 71 applies to certain digger derricks and aerial devices.

The Tech Tip is available for download from the Technical Support tab at

“Tech Tips are intended to answer frequently asked questions or common challenges customers face as a supplement to service manuals,” says Jason Julius, Training and Tech Support. In this case, when replacing a pump, if it is installed in reverse, it could aerate the oil and potentially damage the pump and other components.

The direction of rotation depends on the transmission and PTO that the truck is equipped with. Tech Tip #71 helps customers identify the pump direction of rotation so that it can be installed correctly. It also provides step-by-step instructions and visuals for removing the tandem vane pump, how to reverse the direction flow, and reassemble the pump.

 “The Terex Technical Service and Support team develops Tech Tips based on the questions customers often ask and which often go beyond maintenance and repair issues directly related to Terex Utilities equipment. In this way, we partner with our customers to deliver quality service and practical solutions over the life of their equipment,” said Julius. Read this and dozens of other Tech Tips at