Posted November 26, 2018

LiuGong celebrates 60th anniversary, production of 400,000-plus loaders

LiuGong's 60th Anniversary Celebration was recently held at LiuGong International Industrial Park in Liuzhou, Guangxi, China where six new models were also introduced.

Attendees included domestic and overseas customers, distributors, suppliers, government officials, shareholders and stakeholders who have worked with LiuGong throughout its 60 years.

LiuGong also celebrated the production of its 400,000th wheel loader. The achievement was made through the unremitting efforts and proactive technological innovation of all LiuGong people in the past six decades. This is a milestone worthy of celebration in the history of LiuGong.

At the same time, six new products including 990F excavator, B170DL bull dozer, S935 sugarcane harvester, TC800C5 crane, 4180D motor grader and 886H loader were introduced, , fully demonstrating the array of LiuGong's large-scale and intelligent equipment.

Grow stronger and stay true
Established in 1958, LiuGong sees itself as a pioneer of the production of loaders that has laid a solid foundation for the technology, talent cultivation and management for the development of CE industry in China.

In 1958, Shanghai Huadong Steel Factory allocated some employees and pieces of equipment to Liuzhou, Guangxi to facilitate the economic development in southwest China located in a wilderness on the west bank of Liujiang River. There it built a factory from nothing. In 1966, LiuGong rolled out the first wheel loader accredited by China, which opened a new chapter in the company's development.

In 1993, LiuGong began trading on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and became the first listed company of CE industry and Guangxi. Since 2000, LiuGong has been looking beyond its loader business and working on cross-regional operations and expansion of its product lines. So far, LiuGong has 32 complete product lines in six categories to meet the customers' demands of various applications as well as extreme operations.

In April 2002, LiuGong successfully produced 899 loaders in one month which was known as “899 Campaign”, a huge leap of production at that time. Taking this opportunity, the company launched its reform toward becoming a modern company. Afterward, its board of directors promoted to build an “open and globalized” LiuGong, boarding the fast lane for the company’s globalization, which was shown in its fast growth of overseas revenues.

Backed by its historical legacy, LiuGong has developed the core values of "customer oriented, assuring the future by quality; people foremost, create value through cooperation", striving to build an international brand that leads China's machinery industry.

Holding the heart of a craftsman
Along with China’s entry into the World Trade Organization, (WTO) LiuGong started to build its eastern bases and added multiple product lines into its portfolio. OIn 2003, LiuGong developed its first overseas distributor in Morocco in north Africa and started its globalization. LiuGong has been building its global presence of 10 overseas subsidiaries, 9 overseas regional parts distribution centers and more than 300 distributors in more than 100 countries. All LiuGong products and customers are supported by five R&D centers worldwide.

In 2012, by the acquisition of civil construction machinery segment of HSW in Poland, LiuGong laid a solid foundation for export of China's proprietary technology and products to the EU. Today, it produces products in China, India, Poland, and Brazil.

LiuGong India Company and LiuGong Dressta Machinery were awarded with the "Best Foreign Investor", "Model Enterprise for China-India Cooperation", and the "Best Employer" by local governments. As the One Belt and Road Road (OBOR) Initiative continues to advance, LiuGong has expanded its footprint to 85 percent of the countries among the 65 key countries along OBOR . Liugong products participated in many major projects along OBOR such as Pakistan PKM Motorway, China-Laos Railway and Jakarta-Bandung Railway.

In 2008, LiuGong set up SinoEver Financial Leasing Company in Beijing, becoming the pioneer company in manufacturer leasing. LiuGong also entered the crane business by acquiring Zhengchonganli Engineering Machinery Company in Bengbu. In 2010, LiuGong acquired Liuzhou OVM, a world leader of prestressing products and technology and started the construction of an eastern manufacturing base for excavators in Changzhou.

In 2011, LiuGong bought into the piling foundation industry by holding shares of Jintai, China’s leading brand in piling machinery, and opened a joint venture with Cummins in Liuzhou. In 2012, LiuGong opened its hydraulic company and in 2013, LiuGong and Metso started a joint venture to produce mobile mining crushers and grinding mills and LiuGong took over an air compressor business in Liuzhou.

In 2016, LiuGong marched into the modern agricultural equipment sector. The Luzhai Plant, with world-class technologies, was put into operation. In 2018, LiuGong started forward with producing intelligent manufacturing systems, mining machinery, forestry machinery and aerial work platforms.

LiuGong has never stopped investing in R&D even during the most difficult years. In 2015, LiuGong launched National Earthmoving Machinery Engineering Research Center and LiuGong Global R&D Center, making LiuGong the only national demonstration base for technological innovation and industrialization of earthmoving machines.

A total of 19 product lines at LiuGong have been upgraded and 18 new products have hit the market, including a range of machinery for sugarcane planting, heavy-duty mining excavators and loaders, mining trucks, large dual-wheel cutters, smart manufacturing system and mobile compressors. LiuGong has evolved to be a global provider of total solutions.

In 2016, LiuGong presented the world's first vertical lift wheel loader. Its new generation products of H-series loaders, E-series excavators, D-series rollers and motor graders, and C-series forklifts now are available all over the world and have been increasingly contributing to sales revenue. A custom-designed torque convertor was independently developed and manufactured for LiuGong’s 8128H with many innovative technologies and approaches. The hydraulic grab by Shanghai Jintai is among the best of its kind globally.

In the past five years, LiuGong, OVM and Jintai had numerous achievements in R&D, including three National First and Second Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology, 14 ministerial and provincial-level science and technology awards. LiuGong also participated in drafting  industry standards for international and domestic markets, making its own voice in the industry. Today, with more than 1,000 engineers and a continuous investment in R&D, LiuGong comes up with an outpouring of products with cutting-edge technologies.

Over the past six decades, LiuGong keeps a close bond with its customers, distributors, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders to weather through difficulties and share success together. During industry downturns, LiuGong took a series of quick actions like capacity adjustment, organizational reform, team optimization, cost control, sustained input into technological innovation and product development internally and optimize the marketing channels externally. As a result, distributors, direct subsidiaries and joint ventures have become new drivers of the company’s rapid growth in China. As the economy warms up, the excavator business becomes the growth pillar with the highest revenue and profit and LiuGong has significantly improved market competitiveness on a global level.

Looking forward to a centurial company
LiuGong is committed to providing extraordinary construction machinery products and services to customers around the world. Our endeavor of developing first-class advanced technologies is a valuable asset to LiuGong’s ambition to be a century-old enterprise in the world.

Sixty years is but a brief moment for LiuGong, which is setting sail on its next journey. Amid the national reforms and industry transformation, LiuGong will adhere to "Total Globalization, Total Solution, and Total Intelligence" approach with greater intelligence, courage, and passion.

Standing at this historic time as well as at a turning point for the company, LiuGong will insist on state-owned enterprise (SOE) reform and development; insist on focusing on customer service; insist on innovation and independent R&D; insist on building a dynamic and motivated team to continue to write a new chapter for the company.

In the future, the company will continuously provide products and services tailored for local market. It promises to outdo itself in branding, manufacturing, R&D and marketing and strive for continuous progress and it will take on the mission of revitalizing the CE industry in China.