Posted November 18, 2021

Taylor Power Systems announces distributor agreement with FTG Equipment Solutions

Taylor Power Systems, Inc. is partnering with FTG Equipment Solutions to distribution and support the TecnoGen and Trime brandsin  Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. 

“TecnoGen and Trime have unique and versatile product lines that meet customer needs, quality, and satisfaction. Our companies are aligned with the same strategy and customer values, which is why we are so excited about this partnership,” says Zach Taylor, General Manager for Taylor Power Systems.

Taylor Power Systems purchased several TecnoGen mobile generators earlier this year to bolster its existing mobile fleet needs and to increase the TM (Taylor Mobile) Series of trailer-mounted generators that were available for customer purchase. Consequently, customer, technician and sales team feedback were recognizably positive, with many commenting on the valuable features, appearance and product quality. Furthermore, TecnoGen offers a complete Tier 4 mobile product line in the range that meets customer requirements. 

The foundation of our company is doing business with quality people and building relationships for life – The Taylor Team is a group of great, knowledgeable professionals that understand what it means to develop and take care of their customers. In a very short time, a relationship has developed between our companies that provides a foundation for long term growth benefiting our customers and our companies. We are extremely proud of this relationship and look forward to doing great things together. The possibilities are endless, reports FTG sources.  

Demand for high-quality mobile generators, lighting towers and other products has increased significantly, especially within the direct territory of Taylor Power Systems. Considering this direct territory encompasses approximately 3,000 miles of coastline, which is impacted by severe weather conditions that lead to prolonged outages, the need to broaden the existing TM Series range with premium mobile products is essential.

“This partnership will close all of the gaps we currently have within our existing product lines at Taylor Power Systems. Our goal is to successfully meet our customers’ expectation by offering a variety of products they can choose from to meet their specific needs,” Taylor says.

In addition, this distributor relationship with FTG Equipment Solutions allows Taylor Power Systems to expand its product offerings for customers, including light towers, fuel cubes, pumps, and additional power generation related products