Posted November 15, 2023

Tracked Lifts announces leadership transition

Tracked Lifts appoints Brent Yohn as its new CEO.

Yohn brings a wealth of aerial industry experience to the company, and his appointment marks a pivotal moment in the history of Tracked Lifts.

Yohn joins Tracked Lifts with track record of success with industry-leading companies including JLG, JerrDan and Acme Lift Company. He has extensive sales and distribution experience and visionary leadership style, sources report. 

"I am truly excited to join the remarkable team at Tracked Lifts and embrace the opportunity to lead this exceptional company to new heights.” Yohn says. “The future holds immense promise, and I am eager to drive growth and innovation in the aerial equipment industry."  

Tracked lifts also expresses gratitude to, Jim Grande, Tracked Lifts outgoing CEO who has made significant contributions to the company during his tenure.