Tools to help train for new ANSI MEWP standard

JLG shares five short training videos to engage your workers and customers in meeting the new ANSI MEWP standard.

JLG recently released a series of five training videos to help operators, supervisors and occupants in key points covered in the new ANSI MEWP standard.

The new ANSI standard takes effect December 2019, and requires more intensive instruction to assure users and their managers know how to identify and mitigate hazards that affect safe MEWP operation. It also affects MEWP design of any model built after the December deadline.

The short videos, in a boot-camp style tone, steps viewers through the changes and the information that needs to be passed on to MEWP customers with an emphasis on rental operations. They are a fun and informative way to get the points about safe MEWP selection and operation across.