Posted October 18, 2021

Heavy equipment marketing tool introduced

Record360 adds new workflow management tools to help dealerships and rental firms streamline marketing, sales of heavy equipment.

Record360, which provides a mobile-based online inspection and workflow platform that simplifies and automates how companies manage equipment asset condition reporting, announced today a major expansion of its product portfolio with the launch of SalesPro.

Record360 Sales Pro

SalesPro is a new product that provides powerful software tools and workflows to enable construction firms, dealerships, vehicle rental fleets and other commercial equipment owners to quickly identify assets for sale, determine their condition, price them appropriately and rapidly respond to interested potential buyers. The mobile-friendly platform enables sales reps to market equipment directly by text or email, or over widely used social media platforms.

“Selling a piece of used equipment, whether it’s a rental car or truck, a tractor, Bobcat loader, crane, backhoe or other industrial equipment asset, is a painfully manual process,” says Abby Chao. Record360 CEO. “It’s difficult to know with any degree of reliability what’s available and what shape the asset is in,” she say. “It’s even more tedious and cumbersome to create an effective listing and then market it to the right person at the right time over the proper channels.”

SalesPro was designed to streamline and automate that process, providing sales reps with management tools, the ability to access up-to-date images, and time-saving workflows to identify and understand when used equipment is available for sale. They can also within the same platform determine pricing and seamlessly create and distribute a real-time listing to interested buyers, says Kat Gillis, Record360 CEO..

“With SalesPro, a rep can efficiently identify a piece of equipment for sale, select the most appropriate photos or videos, attach those to a detailed listing and then easily share listings to hot leads across multiple channels — all in less than a minute,” says Gillis. 

Gillis says that with SalesPro, sales reps can create a listing using the latest Record360 image, and then text or email that offer to an interested buyer.  In addition, with a single tap, the app will automatically populate the listing over popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook, saving the rep time and effort from manual rekeying and reposting.

Importantly, SalesPro is integrated with and utilizes the extensive, real-time, continually updated library of equipment images contained in the InspectPro database, which catalogs the true condition of the asset and a history of usage data over its lifecycle. The database also allows for search of inventory across multiple locations, so if a rep can’t find a specific asset locally, it can be identified and tagged for sale from another office.

For rental equipment agencies, the platform also provides additional benefits by bringing together what were formerly siloed operations – with rental managers on one side of the house and sales reps on the other. “We are sharing access and strategic intelligence about equipment available for sale and providing a collaborative process that improves communication between rental and sales, ultimately helping asset utilization and increasing revenue,” said Gillis.

Some of the benefits of SalesPro include:

  • Quick and accurate access to inventory, lets you know equipment available for sale simply by opening the app.
  • Automatically imports the latest inventory data from your ERP.
  • Identifies whether equipment is out on rent, sold, damaged or otherwise unavailable for sale.
  • Filters on make, model, year, hours, price and other data points to precisely match buyer need to available inventory and set proper pricing.
  • Provides access to the rich repository of videos and photos within the Record360 database.
  • Enables quotes to be sent directly to customers by email or text; also populates listings to social media platforms with a single tap.
  • Improves communication between internal teams, builds collaboration and reduces inefficiency.

“We are excited to introduce this new product to the market and extend the opportunity for Record360 to bring significantly more value and cost savings to our customers,” says Chao.