Posted October 11, 2023

MCS Rental Software revamps web interface

MCS has revamped and modernized its web solution with a new, state-of-the-art interface, making working on the move easier than ever for rental companies worldwide.

As part of the software supplier's constant development of its solutions, MCS recognized the need to use experts to ensure its web interface is user-friendly, intuitive to use and ultimately faster and easier to get to what the user needs in no time at all.

"Rental companies are constantly looking for new ways to work more efficiently and do more with the time they have. Of course, there will always be new solutions that we will keep creating to help them run their operations smoothly, but we also wanted to review our existing solutions and work out how we can adapt our web offering to provide an even slicker service than before. With new features such as more mobile responsivity, new accessibility features, and easy to follow pathways, using the MCS web solutions has never been easier," says Josh Lewis, MCS president.

The project has been ongoing for several months to ensure this update would succeed in its mission to provide a web-based solution designed with the end user in mind. Heavy analysis was completed to understand how users interact with MCS Rental Software, helping to steer the direction of the new UI update.

"One of the key things we have achieved with this new update is happier and more successful customers. Our users can now get the information they need much more quickly, with less scrolling and clicks along the way. Usability has also been greatly improved with clearer workflows and more structure, helping users complete their jobs in record time,” Lewis says.

MCS has further plans to continue revamping and improving its software offering and developing new solutions for the rental market to utilize for many years. Many of its recent developments have also been focused on developing its international brand with clear branding and design across its solutions, and across the world.