Posted September 28, 2021

JLG to introduce rotary telehandlers

JLG inks private-label agreement with Italy-based rotary telehandler manufacturer Dieci.

JLG Industries, Inc.will expand its product portfolio with the introduction of a new generation of rotary telehandlers.

For this new range of products, JLG chose to partner with Dieci, a manufacturer with more than 20 years of rotating telehandler experience that is also recognized for its market leadership, innovation and technological advances.

The new JLG rotating telehandler line will offer premium performance and will initially consist of three models, the JLG R1370, R1385 and R11100 with maximum lift heights from 67.3- to 97.1-ft and maximum lift capacities of 11,000 to 13,200 pounds. The line will provide operators with optimal comfort, increased functionality and premium performance, redefining productivity while reducing congestion on the jobsite.

“JLG is delighted to partner with a like-minded innovator like Dieci to develop its line of rotating telehandlers for North America,” says Rogerio dos Santos, vice president of engineering for telehandlers at JLG. “With industry-leading design engineers around the globe collaborating on this effort, the resulting product line is expected to exceed both the quality and performance standards customers have come to expect from both companies.”

Rotating telehandlers have long been popular in Europe, where city streets are often narrow and curve through tightly packed buildings. With a drive toward urbanization in the United States and less open space as a result, rotating telehandlers are becoming more sought after to complete work in situations where a telehandler must be stationed in one place without frequent movement.

“Traditional telehandlers can lift and extend loads directly in front of them, whereas rotating handlers can lift, extend and swing 360-degrees, adding a new layer of functionality during operation. In some applications, rotary telehandlers can even be used in place of three individual machines – a traditional telehandler for telescoping, a MEWP for use of a platform and as an off-road crane to handle suspended loads,” continues dos Santos.

JLG rotating telehandlers are being designed to meet the needs of the masonry, roofing, demolition, cladding, renovation and tunnelling industries. They are best suited for use in loading and unloading and for transporting and/or distributing loads on flat, firm surfaces and uneven terrain.

“The partnership between Dieci and JLG to build rotary telehandlers marks the coming together of two global market leaders in the telehandler space,” says Ciro Correggi, CEO of Dieci. “We are proud of our manufacturing history and success in Europe with this product and pleased to partner with a company of JLG’s caliber to bring it to North American customers.”

The new line of JLG rotary telehandlers will be available with 13 attachments at launch for added versatility.

“This partnership and the new line of rotary telehandlers from JLG are forged in the combined experience of more than 111 years between the two companies,” adds dos Santos.

“Customers can expect machines that are ready to tackle a multitude of job site tasks, backed by JLG’s warranty, parts and service expertise.”

The three new JLG rotary telehandler models will be available to order Fall 2021 with shipment to customers beginning in early 2022.