Posted September 23, 2019

Genie introduces new models, accessories and connectivity

At its recent press event in Redmond, Washington, Genie officials unveiled far-reaching changes to its equipment line.

Genie GS-4655 slab scissor lift
The Genie GS 4655 scissor lift.

GS-4655 scissor lift
For productivity in high-height and narrow-access applications, the Genie GS 4655 scissor offers operators an excellent combination of working height and lifting capacity capabilities with powerful electric drive motors to maximize performance. This brand-new model can be used anywhere globally, adhering to load sense requirements and indoor and outdoor use ratings in ANSI, CSA and CE markets.

Genie scissor lift meets global standards
Genie GS series scissor lifts meet global design standards.

Global scissor lift configuration
Changes to the ANSI A92 (United States) and CSA B354 (Canada) standards will impact all types of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) — commonly known as aerial work platforms or AWPs — that Genie manufactures, including all Genie  GS slab scissor lifts. Machine specifications and performance will be changing in all regions as Genie adopts one global slab scissor lift specification. Beginning in December 2019, to be in compliance with worldwide standards, Genie GS scissor lifts sold globally will be equipped with dual zone control, enabling outdoor use on all models, and load sense.

Genie HF/TRAX boom lifts
Genie High Float (HF) and TraX (pictured) boom lifts offer productive machine performance on soft or delicate surfaces.

HF/TRAX boom lifts
Designed to perform in sensitive ground conditions, such as sand and turf, Genie High Float (HF) and TraX boom lifts offer productive machine performance on soft or delicate surfaces. To meet market demand, new models have been added to the Genie product line-up, including the Genie Z-45 HF, S-40 HF, S-45 HF, S-60 HF and S-65 HF booms and the Genie S-60 TraX and S-65 TraX machines. All of these new Genie models are based on the design and engineering of the Genie Xtra Capacity (XC) booms, complying with the overload restriction and terrain sensing guidelines in the new ANSI A92 and CSA B354 industry standards in North America, as well as European EN280 and Australian AS 1418.10 standards.

Genie protective solutions for MEWPs and vertical mast lifts continue to evolve. Genie Lift Guard products are a generation of accessories that can, in some circumstances, provide additional operator protection while working at height.

Genie Lift Guard secondary guarding accessories are simple to use, and when used in conjunction with operator training required by industry standards worldwide, can enhance safe work practices on aerial jobsites.

Genie Lift Tool accessories are productivity tools designed to make operators more efficient when working at height. These accessories also promote best practices for safe use and increased performance while operating Genie booms.

Genie tool tray accessory
Genie Lift Tools work tray.

Genie Lift Tools work tray: The new easy-to-install Genie Lift Tools work tray is designed to help eliminate clutter and potential tripping hazards by providing operators and workers with a convenient place to store their tools, fasteners and small materials in the platform.

It’s durable, rotomolded design shares commonality with the tool tray available on Genie boom lifts. It can be used on the main platform or on the extension deck on most Genie GS slab scissor lift models (excluding the Genie GS-1330m).

Genie Lift Tools pipe cradle
Genie Lift Tools pipe cradle.

Genie Lift Tools pipe cradle: Designed, tested and approved for all Genie GS scissor lift models, the new Genie Lift Tools pipe cradle reduces the risk of fatigue by providing an efficient way to securely carry pipes or other jobsite materials in a scissor lift platform. Easily installed in under 10 minutes, these pipe cradles deliver stability and rigidity with a robust design and can be used with extension deck extended or retracted.

Genie Lift Tools panel carrier
Genie Lift Tools panel carrier.

Genie Lift Tools panel carrier: The new Genie Lift Tools Panel Carrier accessory allows operators to lift panels, windows and drywall secured on the outside surface of the platform, simplifying loading, unloading, and placement of panel materials on the job site. This accessory measures the full length of the scissor lift’s platform and can be quickly and easily installed on all Genie GS slab scissor lift models.

Lift Connect telematics
Focused on providing actionable information, flexibility and transparency, the new Genie Lift Connect telematics technology helps customers understand the information their machines are providing, enabling them to more efficiently manage their businesses — from knowing how equipment is performing or how often a machine is being utilized, to where each unit is or when it is ready for maintenance, machine data can provide a lot of insight to a rental business.