Posted September 11, 2020

IMER Group USA announces new national sales manager for equipment division

Garry Haferbier, a 35-year veteran of sales and management joins IMER Group USA.

IMER Group, announces the hiring of Garry Haferbier as the national sales manager for the Equipment Division in the U.S. Haferbier is an industry leader with more that 35 years of professional experience in Sales and Management.

Haferbier will be developing and implementing an overall sales strategy, directly engaging and managing manufacturer representative sales agencies in the U.S. to drive customer awareness and sales. In addition, he will develop relationships with dealers, service centers and training specialists to provide total support for IMER’s customers and equipment operators.

“Garry is a consummate team player, motivator, and relationship builder, thinking outside of the box, and creating solutions that benefit all parties involved. Garry is customer-based and sales driven. His ability to provide unparalleled customer service and motivate sales teams is exactly what this role needs” says Robert Bacarella, CEO of IMER Group | USA.

 Prior to joining IMER, Haferbier managed sales development for Ligchine International, and Alliance North America. He is probably best known in the industry for his contributions to Allen Engineering Corporation, and MultiQuip.