Posted September 5, 2023

Excavator, engine donation to Empower College & Career Center

Students enrolled in Empower College & Career Center’s Heavy Machinery and Construction Pathway can now learn their trades by working with a real compact excavator and diesel engine courtesy of Takeuchi-US.

The compact equipment manufacturer recently donated a TB235-2 excavator and a diesel engine, valued together at approximately $70,000, to the Jackson County, Georgia organization as a part of its ongoing philanthropic program, Takeuchi Gives.

“Supporting our local community is a top priority for all of us at Takeuchi-US,” says Susan Dean, director of business technology for Takeuchi-US. “It’s our hope that this donation will give students the kind of real-life experiences that will help them choose and follow the right career paths. The construction industry continues to experience a lack of skilled labor, so if we’re able to help these kids discover the value in learning how to operate and maintain heavy equipment, it will benefit us here in Jackson County and beyond.”

Empower College & Career Center (EmpowerC3) is an educational partnership with businesses in Jackson County and the surrounding area. EmpowerC3 engages high school students in career-relevant learning experiences. By working closely with local businesses and industries, higher education and the entire community, EmpowerC3 students are better positioned to reach their college and career aspirations.

“Our goal is to help our students leave high school with authentic experiences that will help them define and refine their choices about college, careers or the military,” says John Uesseler, CEO of EmpowerC3. “This donation from Takeuchi will help students interested in the construction field gain invaluable experience that they can take with them throughout their lives.”

EmpowerC3’s Heavy Machinery and Construction Pathway is a focus area within its Construction program. Students learn about industry fundamentals and occupational safety. Eleventh and twelfth-grade students are also introduced to various heavy equipment categories and applications, as well as heavy equipment operation.

“Our corporate culture is built upon a foundation of helping and supporting others, and that starts right here in our community,” says Jeff Stewart, president of Takeuchi-US. “Through Takeuchi Gives, we’ve been able to help less fortunate people enjoy Thanksgiving meals and Christmas gifts. We were also able to recently donate three diesel engines to the diesel engine mechanic program at Athens Technical College. Now, with this most recent donation to EmpowerC3, we’re trying to help young people on the cusp of adulthood learn more about trade professions that can become their lifelong careers. It’s extremely gratifying to make a difference, and Takeuchi will continue finding ways to enrich the lives of others.”