Posted September 1, 2020

Bobcat introduces Features On Demand 

New technology allows customers to choose hardware features on new R-Series loaders after purchase.

Bobcat is launching its newest intelligent, digital solution: Features On Demand, a patent-pending technology that gives customers the flexibility to enable additional features on their R-Series compact loaders as their needs change.

Bobcat Features on Demand
Features On Demand, a patent-pending technology that gives customers the flexibility to enable additional features on their Bobcat R-Series compact loaders as their needs change.

This technology gives them the freedom to customize a machine with the exact features required to get their jobs done. Bobcat is the first manufacturer to bring this technology to the compact equipment industry.

“Innovation is at the core of our company’s legacy, and – with Features On Demand – we’re continuing to show that we’re a driving force with our industry-exclusive technology,” says Joel Honeyman, vice president, Global Innovation, Doosan Bobcat North America. “By developing more intelligent, digital solutions like Features On Demand, we can give customers the flexibility to upgrade their R-Series compact loaders with select features they require to get their work done faster. This technology will help customers improve their productivity by being able to easily adapt their machines to meet the needs of the work they’re performing.”

How it works
Features On Demand allows customers to purchase R-Series loaders that have certain features enabled by their local Bobcat dealer at the time of machine purchase. Customers can demo the fully equipped loaders, then pick the features they want to keep. And even years later if, after purchasing and using the machine, customers discover a need for additional features, they have the flexibility to add them to their existing R-Series loader quickly and easily.

Current features
With Features On Demand, customers can customize their machine and have features enabled that help complete specific tasks. Currently, customers can enable the following features on machines equipped with the optional Features On Demand Performance Package:

  • 2-Speed travel: Increases the speed of the machine when traveling between job sites.  
  • High-flow hydraulics: Provides additional hydraulic power to boost production of attachments. 
  • Automatic ride control: Reduces material spillage and allows faster travel and increased productivity. 
  • Dual-direction bucket positioning: Keeps the load at a consistent angle through the lift cycle. 
  • Reversing fan: Reduces maintenance and downtime by purging debris buildup.

Auto-Throttle is a patented, optional feature that provides dynamic automated throttle control on machines equipped with Bobcat Selectable Joystick Controls. As an operator commands more travel speed or faster workgroup movement, engine power simultaneously increases. This feature easily allows an operator to automatically apply engine speed while operating the machine.  In addition, this feature will help conserve fuel and works well for newer operators to perform tasks more quickly.

Available models
Features On Demand is currently available on the following R-Series compact track loaders and skid-steer loaders:

  • Features On Demand Performance Package*
    • T76 and S76
  • Auto-Throttle (equipped with Selectable Joystick Controls)
    • T76 and S76
    • S62 and S64
    • T64 and S64
    • T66 and S66

*Features On Demand Performance Package for 6X compact loaders will be available later in 2020.