Posted August 31, 2020

POWR2 adds manufacturing location in United States

Renewable power systems manufacturer POWR2 is opening a manufacturing facility in Danbury, Connecticut.

POWR2 established in 2016 manufacture a range of portable renewable power systems for many industries including construction equipment rental, events and telecoms industries as well as the federal government.

With offices in London, Madrid in addition to Norwalk, Connecticut, it has historically manufactured product in Europe and shipped internationally from there.

“Manufacturing in the EU has worked well for us and allowed us to establish a foot hold the European markets, however, to better serve our USA client base we saw the need to open a manufacturing facility stateside,” says Toby Nunn, Powr2 COO.

"Manufacturing here in Connecticut will enable us to shorten the lead time and enable us to better tailor the product for our clients' needs", says Nunn. "This is a swiftly evolving industry and we need to keep innovating. Besides that, being able to say Made in America will help us with government contracting and support the domestic labor market."

Powr2 has quickly become the industry leader in portable renewable power technology and has a host of new products to be released to the market this fall and into Q1 2020, sources report.