Electric articulated loaders

Avant Tecno USA debuts its Avant e5, an innovative fully electric, battery-powered articulated loader.

The Avant e5 is the first of its kind in the family of Avant series loaders for the North American market. The fully electric, battery-powered compact Avant e5 is designed for indoor and outdoor use, but is especially suitable for indoor use where ventilation is limited or non-existent and there are strict noise requirements. The e5 has no emissions, minimal noise level, low operating costs, is battery-powered, comes with an in-machine charging unit, and fits all standard Avant attachments.

Avant Tecno e5 loaderThe compact e5 is equipped with a 240Ah lead acid battery, a 6 kW motor for driving the machine and a 2kW motor for loader boom operation and auxiliary hydraulics. It also has 8 gal/min auxiliary hydraulics flow,which allows working with various Avant attachments, including hydraulic hammer and various grapples.

An onboard, in-machine charging unit enables charging from any 230V/16A power outlet and makes recharging of the loader easy. It is also possible to work while charging. Charging the battery pack to 100% takes approximately 5 hours, but it can reach 80% battery capacity within 3 hours. Depending upon the type of work being performed, the Avant e5 operates between 1 and 4 hours.