Posted August 29, 2023

Voting opens this week to approve ARA board nominees

Voting for approval of the slate of nominees to the American Rental Association (ARA) Board of Directors opens on Monday, Aug. 28, Reports the American Rental Association.

Ballots will be available electronically to the designated voting representatives of all ARA members beginning Aug. 28 through Sept. 11, 2023.

Voting representatives will receive an email from with their personalized voting link. Intelliscan is ARA’s service provider for the approval process.

ARA general members will vote for the president-elect, directors for their specific regions and the associate member director. Associate members will vote for the associate member director. The approved nominees will begin their terms at the conclusion of The ARA Show 2024 trade show in February.

The nominees were selected by the Leadership Development Committee comprised exclusively of equipment and event rental industry members. The ARA Board of Directors has approved the following slate of nominees. Approval by the membership is now required.

The nominees
ARA president-elect:
Robert H. Pedersen, president and CEO, A Tool Shed, Santa Cruz, California

ARA associate member director: Marti Wenzler, strategic account manager, Lawson Products, Chicago, Illinois

ARA Region 6 director: Steve Houser, general manager, U.S. Rents-It, Jefferson City, Missouri

ARA Region 7 director: Maureen Harkness, CERP, managing director, Cre8ive Event Rentals, Tempe, Arizona

ARA Region 8 director: Sam Castillo, senior account manager, Tates Rents, Boise, Idaho

ARA Region 10 director: Kelly Brincheski, general manager, Collective Event Rentals, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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