Posted July 25, 2023

Li-ion battery safety

New posters details how to safely handle and store Li-ion batteries.

Denios Li-ion safety poster
This Li-ion battery safety poster is available from DENIOS.

Li-ion batteries are prevalent in many industries and applications, but they can be dangerous without the users even realizing there is a potential problem.

DENIOS-US has produced a new full-color poster that helps users to recognize and then safely handle defective Li-ion batteries. This informative poster alerts users to the most common causes of damage to batteries and then walks them through visual checks and olfactory tests to identify potential problems. In-device checks and identifying issues while charging are also detailed.

If damaged batteries are identified, the poster provides an action plan to deal with the problematic batteries quickly and safely. 

Posters also include space for users to insert emergency contact information – name/departments and telephone number.  Posters and educational contents such as checklists, whitepapers and more are available free by request at

DENIOS-US manufactures a full line of products for the safe storage, charging and testing of lithium-ion batteries. With 90 minutes of fire protection from both sides, they protect employees and the plant from fire hazards associated with damaged Li-ion batteries. For additional information on DENIOS products for the storage and charging of Li-ion batteries visit