Posted July 11, 2022

Doc Bailey Cranes & Equipment adds Merlo telehandlers to its fleet

Doc Bailey Cranes & Equipment is a full-service crane, boom truck and bucket truck rental company that recently added Merlo telehandlers to its fleet for rent and sale. 

Machine moving companies are a large part of Doc Bailey’s customer base. Along with cranes and truck-mounted lifts, customers have requested machinery that is not as large as a crane and has  more nimbleness than the truck-mounted lift. In doing his research,  Doc Bailey found the Merlo P120.10 was a good fit to the needs of his customer base.

“It offers 26,500 pounds maximum load capacity,” Bailey says. “Something my typical competitor does not have. We are a lift specialty company and one of our goals is to be able to fill a niche for our customers. Merlo’s P120.10 is that machine.”

“The particular machine checked a number of boxes,” Bailey continues. “Its cab is larger than others. It is more ergonomic, which my customers like. It is easy to use, and the controls are responsive. Overall, it’s a very nice design. It’s small enough to be nimble, yet has the power needed to safely do what is asked.” 

Along with filling needs as they arise, Bailey says fairness is always at the top of the goal list. “We take care of our customers. Our primary goal is to save our customers money with products that deliver consistent efficiency and safety whether direct, through rent, or re-rent. We both win when we deliver on all points.”

Doc Bailey carries Link-Belt, RT cranes, bucket trucks, mobile truck cranes. They offer rentals, sales, inspection, service work, and repairs on all their equipment. 

There are three Doc Bailey Cranes & Equipment locations in the USA: main location is San Lorenzo, California; Las Vegas, Nevada, and Oahu, Hawaii. All three will carry the P120.10. 

The new LasVegas branch is primarily sales and has become “our epicenter for sales and training,” Bailey says. “We train on all the equipment we have. Merlo’s P120.10 is an easy machine to learn. It delivers consistent productivity. It will become a customer favorite.”