Posted June 30, 2020

Deutz opens new Pendergrass Sequence Center

Deutz Corporation has opened a new 160,000-square-foot Sequence Center at 596 Bonnie Valentine Way in Pendergrass, Georgia.

The Deutz Corporation Sequence Center is located just one mile from the company’s production facility at 1409 Valentine Industrial Pkwy in Pendergrass.

“With the new Sequence Center, Deutz is concentrating all operations activities in the Pendergrass area,” says Christian Vorspel-Rueter, Deutz executive vice president and chief financial officer. “Our goal is to pass the benefits of that enhanced efficiency onto our OEMs and their customers.”

The Deutz Corporation Sequence Center stores all of the parts and engines for Deutz Value-Add products and Xchange remanufactured engines in one central location. Each day, employees at the Sequence Center batch together all the parts needed by engine spec and send them over to the nearby production facility. The Sequence Center also has its own production capabilities, building and shipping value-add kits and customized DEUTZ Power Packs to distributors, dealers and OEMs.   

“By centralizing all logistics activities at the new Sequence Center site, we can now increase our output by utilizing additional floor space for more remanufacturing and assembly work,” says Bob Mann, president and CEO of Deutz Corporation. “That helps our OEMs and their customers as well, because we’re able to get them the Deutz products they need even faster than before.”