Posted June 24, 2022

LGMG North America relocating corporate headquarters

It’s heading to Dallas, Texas and is streamlining warehousing and distribution.

Following a disappointing ruling from the DOC and ITC MEWP industry investigation, which resulted in significant tariffs imposed on Chinese manufacturers, LGMG North America has been diligently executing its restructuring strategy, focused on strengthening aftermarket product support, expanding operations across Canada to capitalize on new business opportunities, reports Eric Liner, president and CEO, LGMG North America.

The company will be relocating its Corporate Headquarters to Dallas, TX later this year. Additionally, the company has been consolidating warehouse operations to eliminate unnecessary overhead and will be relocating its parts and service support operations to the new corporate headquarters. “Centralizing and combining our aftermarket operations strengthens our customer support and makes good business sense,” Liner says

Additionally, LGMG has recently opened two new Canadian warehouse operations, one in Vancouver, British Columbia and the other, in partnership with its distribution partner, Cisolift, near Montreal in St-Germain-de-Grantham, Quebec. Both operations provide direct access to the largest markets in Canada and position the company to effectively support its Canadian customers. “We have aligned ourselves with a great partner in Eastern Canada, Cisolift, who has a wealth of experience in the access equipment industry, and strong relationships throughout the region. “We are excited for the opportunity to build a similar distribution network in the West with our new Vancouver Warehouse.” says Liner.