Posted June 12, 2019

Point of Rental, EquipmentWatch announce integration

Point of Rental Expert and Elite users will now have easy access to detailed specifications for their heavy equipment, thanks to a new integration with EquipmentWatch.

 “The integration with EquipmentWatch gives Point of Rental users the ability to access more information quickly,” says Point of Rental CEO Wayne Harris. “By cutting down time spent researching product information, Expert and Elite users will be able to save man-hours and increase customer satisfaction.”

 “EquipmentWatch was incredibly helpful when I was running Nickell Rental,” adds Josh Nickell, Point of Rental’s director of Global Strategy, who helped facilitate the integration. “I’m excited for our users to be able to use it within their software - I know my teams working directly with contractors would have loved to have easy access to this information. It will save them a ton of time as there’s no longer a need to search through manufacturer websites.”

Using the EquipmentWatch API, this integration will allow rental consultants to see detailed specifications when looking at item records, making it easier to determine which items will be the proper size, weight, or horsepower to get the job done.

“We’re excited to bring our wealth of information to a new group of people,” says EquipmentWatch vice president, Garrett Schemmel. “Point of Rental is a well-known leader in the global rental market and we look forward to helping their rental customers save significant time in their software workflow.”