Posted June 7, 2021

Alert Software integrates FleetUp telematics into its system

Integration takes dispatch, delivery and customer service up a notch.

In order to make deliveries more effectively, rental companies need to improve communication between three groups of people: dispatchers, drivers and customers.

No matter what tools they use to talk to coworkers, rental teams who don’t talk to clients are more likely to deliver orders to the wrong places at the wrong times. Customers get upset, time gets wasted and businesses lose money.

FleetUp and Alert have partnered to improve communication between rental companies and customers. FleetUp integrates into Alert’s software to automate the most important parts of the delivery process, giving dispatch, drivers and customers real-time shipment GPS locations and ETAs.

“We’re delighted to partner with FleetUp to bring even more value to Alert’s Dispatcher Dashboard. Our integration will save Alert customers time and money and we’re excited to continue developing innovative GPS solutions together,” says Mary Crosslin, co-president/COO of Alert Rental.” As soon as drivers are ready to start their delivery, they click “Start Delivery” on their mobile app. The app automatically generates the delivery address, route and order info. At the same time, the end-customer receives an automated ETA via text or email. Meanwhile, dispatch monitors every step of the process remotely.

FleetUp provides telematics services and Alert, develops software that caters to the rental industry. Both companies deeply understand customer needs. In a space that’s increasingly automated, many technology providers forget that the ultimate goal of automation is to help people – the employees businesses depend on and the customers businesses serve.

“FleetUp's solutions are not only designed to make companies more efficient, they also help our clients create a stronger experience for their customers,” says FleetUp CEO, Ezra Kwak.