Posted June 6, 2019

Get your AWP/MEWP questions answered

Genie experts to answer questions about the updated ANSI A92.22-2018 and CSA B354.7:17 standards.

Genie invites customers to ask questions and get answers about the ANSI A92.22-2018 (United States) and CSA B354.7:17 (Canada) standards changes during its upcoming “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) event, June 10-14, 2019.

When the new standards to go into effect, these changes will create a new “normal” for mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs), formerly known as aerial work platforms (AWPs). The event will also provide customers with information on the recent appeals to the standards and explain which parts of the standards that these appeals specifically apply.

 “It is important to understand the more significant aspects of the new MEWP standards in North America,” says Scott Owyen, Genie senior training manager, Terex AWP, “including what is changing and how it will affect everyone, from operators to equipment owners, as well as how the new standards apply to Genie products and training solutions.

“Given the significance of safety in the new North American standards, we want to answer everyone’s questions to reduce confusion in the marketplace,” finishes Owyen.

On Monday, June 10th, Genie will post an AMA prompt on the Genie Aerial Pros AMA Event page , as well as simultaneously sharing it on social media, to garner questions. The post will stay open, or “live,” for questions and comments through Friday, June 14.

Hosted by Owyen, this new Genie AMA event will explain how the North American MEWP standards are changing. Changes in the new standards that will be addressed in the AMA event will include:

  • Equipment Terminology
  • Equipment Design Standards
  • Safe Use and Planning
  • Risk Assessment Planning
  • Training (Operators, Supervisors & Occupants)
  • Maintenance and Repair Personnel Training

Customers wishing to participate in the AMA event, or simply to follow the questions and responses, can access the Genie Aerial Pros website in a variety of ways, including the dedicated Genie Aerial Pros AMA Event page, the Genie Aerial Pros website, the Genie website and through the company’s social media pages: Facebook (GenieLift), Twitter (@GenieLift), LinkedIn (Genie Industries) and Instagram (@genie_lift).

Ahead of the AMA event, Owyen encourages customers to view a Genie webinar that addresses the new North American MEWP standards, which can be accessed through the Genie MEWP Standards Webinar. Additional information and resources available through Genie on the ANSI A92.22-2018 (United States) and CSA B354.7:17 (Canada) standards can be accessed at

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