Posted May 7, 2024

MCS Rental Software announces flexible pricing feature

MCS Rental Software adds a new adjustable pricing feature that will facilitate fast price adjustments.

With advanced date-based pricing functionality, businesses can easily adjust their pricing based on specific date ranges. This new option has been designed to give business owners increased adaptability and control in response to the need for a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for managing seasonality and demand fluctuations.

"The new Date-Based Price List feature is a significant advancement in our commitment to providing our customers with powerful, easy-to-use tools,” says Josh Lewis, president, MCS Rental Software Inc. “A key challenge for equipment rental companies is price management. With our new feature, we are confident that our clients can address these challenges directly, enhancing their profitability."

Rental companies can now automate price adjustments, confirm promotional rate periods and introduce dynamic pricing mechanisms based on peak usage times. The result is a more streamlined, efficient and proactive approach to pricing management that aligns with business needs and market demands.

“The new feature provides increased pricing flexibility for our customers, allowing them to set up special price lists for specific date ranges, such as promotions or seasonality. The automation of price changes reduces manual workload and human error. It also enables more strategic planning. It simplifies creating, adjusting and applying price lists.”

The Date-Based Price List feature is now available to all MCS Rental Software customers, providing an immediate solution to one of the most complex aspects of equipment rental management.