Posted May 7, 2024

New Thunder Creek dealer in Michigan

AIS Construction Equipment adds Thunder Creek to sales lineup.

AIS Construction Equipment, the oldest Michigan owned and operated heavy equipment company, has added Thunder Creek Equipment to its new equipment sales lineup. AIS reports it has added Thunder Creek as part of its mission to help customers become more profitable.

“We add equipment to our new sales lineup when it provides an advantage to our customers in a way that improves their business or helps them be more efficient,” says Larry Behrenwald, owner, AIS Construction Equipment. “Thunder Creek accomplishes those goals and more by improving uptime, lowering operating costs and allowing our customers to more easily fuel and service equipment in the field.”

Thunder Creek designs and manufactures innovative, premium fueling and preventative maintenance solutions that are used in a variety of industries including construction, roadbuilding, oil and gas, and utility construction. This includes the original, industry-leading, No-HAZMAT Fuel & Service Trailer (MTT), the Multi-Tank Oil Trailer (MTO), and Service and Lube Trailer (SLT).

AIS has served the construction, public works and farming industries in Michigan for more than 60 years, with six locations throughout Michigan.  

“We’re only 15 years old, but our history reflects the same evolution in both agricultural and construction heavy equipment that can be seen in the AIS legacy,” says Larry Lea, vice president of sales, Thunder Creek Equipment. “As equipment has gotten bigger and more advanced, the need to source quality fuel, service fluids, and service tools is more critical than ever before. Thunder Creek helps equipment owners take that control into their own hands and we’re excited about bringing these products to a larger audience in Michigan.”

“Michigan presents one of the most diverse heavy equipment populations in the country,” says Behrenwald. “And we face the same labor, material cost and scheduling challenges — Thunder Creek delivers tools that addresses each of those concerns and truly helps people improve their business.”