Posted May 6, 2019

Print ads most effective for all ages

Across all age groups, print ad are most effective at delivering memorable messages, according to research conducted by the USPS.

If you want to make a lasting impression with advertising, make it a print ad, not online—even when targeting young, internet-oriented customers. That's what the United States Postal Service reports in its May, 2019 issue of The Postal Record

In partnership with Temple University, the study relied on  MRI brain-scanning techniques to measure the effectiveness of ads. It found that across all age groups, print ads were remembered longer than digital ads. However, subjects processed digital ads more quickly.

Younger adults, ages 18 to 41, responded better to ads that stressed the emotional appeal for a product, but adults ranging from 47 to 68 years of age responded better to ads that helped them understand the practical functions of a product rather than the emotional appeal. Both age groups responded well to metaphorical ads that compare the product to something unrelated yet symbolic of the brand's value to the customer.

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