Posted May 4, 2021

LiuGong North America appoints new dealer

LiuGong North America has announced the appointment of CrossTrac Equipment, Inc., as its construction equipment dealer for northern Wisconsin and Michigan.

CrossTrac has branches in Rhinelander, Wisconsin and Gaylord, Michigan.

CrossTrac has several specialties, one of which is providing equipment and service to the pipeline construction industry. Its reputation in this field is nationally recognized, and is often asked to send one of its service techs halfway across the country to get critical equipment up and running.

The company’s other core customer base is the forestry business in its primary territory; the addition of more general construction business is also part of its near-term business plan.

The owner and company president, Scot Jenkins, bought the business just four years ago, and has extended the company’s reach and sales steadily during this period. Part of that growth in the future will be provided by LiuGong’s construction equipment, machines used by pipeline and forestry customers.

Wheel loaders are commonly used in log yards, and now existing customers can procure their wheel loaders from CrossTrac. Excavators, both full-size and compact, will be another LiuGong equipment category that matches up with current customers’ needs.

Later this year ,CrossTrac will add LiuGong’s Dressta line of dozers to its fleet. Jenkins says that he had been considering adding a heavy equipment manufacturer to rep when another dealer for one of CrossTrac’s lines provided an introduction to LiuGong North America executives. He visited the Katy, Texas location and was impressed with the machinery and the people.

“I made the decision to go with LiuGong largely because of the investments I see them making,” he says. “I see it as one of those rare opportunities to get in on the ground floor of a growing company that is constantly innovating.”

“Of course, it wasn’t as simple as that,” he adds. “I did my due diligence. I talked with a friend of mine, Mike Jewell, who had recently become an authorized LiuGong dealer in Virginia, and I was referred to other current LiuGong dealers. Everything I heard was positive.

“Fortunately, I was more familiar with the brand than most North American companies. Earlier in my career I worked in Asia, and I actually spent quite a bit of time in Australia, where the LiuGong logo is very prevalent. All things considered, the decision was pretty easy. I am able to extend my equipment offering to my current customers, and I now have reliable, high-performance, high-value machines that I can provide to the construction trade as well.”