Posted April 29, 2021

Manitou plans plant expansion

Manitou Group announces an 80 million euro industrial investment plan for the redevelopment and expansion of its production sites in Ancenis, Candé and Laillé, France.

This plan confirms the resources that the group is giving itself to achieve the objectives set out in its new "New Horizons 2025" roadmap.

Driven by sustainable growth perspectives, Manitou Group is launching an industrial investment plan in France of more than €80 million for the next five years.

"The dynamics of our markets observed since the last quarter of 2020, and the need to industrialize our future electric and hybrid models, reinforce our decision to invest in this innovative equipment, in line with our determination to accelerate our green transition. These installations will enable us to better absorb our activity peaks, as we are currently seeing with an order book at an historical level, to sustainably increase our production capacities in France and to improve the safety of our employees,” says Elisabeth Ausimour, president of the Product Division.

The telehandler production units in Ancenis and Laillé, as well as the new aerial work platform unit in Candé — which will start operating at the end of 2021 — are impacted by these future investments. The projects include the construction of new buildings on each of the sites, as well as the reorganization of existing infrastructures to optimize flow management.

"The design of these new facilities will be consistent with our CSR commitments to an eco-responsible industry. This will enable us to reduce our environmental footprint and strengthen our local presence,” says Ausimour.

As part of the 460 million euro investment package in the New Horizons 2025 strategic plan presented last January, these projects will start in 2021. They will support the group's long-term ambitions to meet its customers' expectations.