Posted April 16, 2024

Find the link between efficiency and rental management software 

A common refrain heard from rental companies interested in changing out their operational and accounting software is that they have no idea how to do it and they don’t know where to start.

To help answer those questions,  Joe Lewis, Fame Rental president and CEO writes in his latest blog post that the best place to start is by conducting an internal review of processes.  

Lewis notes that an internal review helps optimize a rental business’ efficiency because the process requires taking a close, holistic and objective look at the tools, such as management software, they are using.

"If a job is hard, you are probably using the wrong tool. It's essential to evaluate your current tools -- internal systems -- to ensure they are helping your business run efficiently. The idea is to build a high-level process model, break it down into lower-level processes and repeat it down to a level that exposes areas of inefficiency. What you will inevitably find are steps in the process that are harder than they should be,” he says.

Fame Rental improves businesses and the lives of their employees and customers. Fame does this because it cares more deeply, listens more intently, and acts more methodically than anyone in the rental industry would ever expect from a software company.

Based in Westport, CT, Fame Rental offers innovative web-based software solutions that help rental businesses manage rentals, sales, service, retail, leases, manufacturing, maintenance, inventory, parts, purchasing, accounting and asset financing in one, fully integrated system. 

The FameAir web application provides real-time information to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Fame takes the time to understand its customers’ needs, goals, dreams, and desires. It then configures management software that helps rental business owners sleep well at night and outsmart their competition by day. It also offers technical support that delivers solutions within hours or days – not weeks or months.

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