Posted April 11, 2022

Tsurumi Pump adds southwest regional sales manager

Slater Blanchard will oversee pump sales for the Southwest, source equipment and materials and work with distributors to maximize customer support.

Blanchard joined Tsurumi in March of 2022. As regional sales manager, Blanchard will oversee pump sales for the Southwest, source equipment and materials, and work with distributors to maximize efficiency and customer support in the region. He will be visiting distributors for lunch and learns, attending trade shows and visiting job sites in the region to provide technical expertise. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, Blanchard will bring valuable expertise to Tsurumi. 

“People still like to do business with people,” Blanchard says. “When I first saw the job post I felt it could be a great fit for me. I have worked with Chuck Rickman and Glenn Wieczorek in the past and that has always been a great experience. With great leaders, I know it must be a positive culture. Plus, I have a passion for the pump industry. I enjoy fluid dynamics and I like new challenges.” Rickman is Tsurumi’s vice president of sales, and Wieczorek is the company’s managing director.

Blanchard says he enjoys learning about different businesses and helping them solve operational challenges. “I’m looking forward to helping Tsurumi customers find solutions to their unique challenges. I also learn a lot from these experiences and that helps me consult with a variety of companies. I’m looking forward to this new chapter.” 

Rickman expressed his eagerness to work with Blanchard. “Slater is personable and has a ton of experience in helping customers achieve their goals. His expertise with industrial companies makes him a great fit for Tsurumi,” he concludes.