Posted April 10, 2023

New Cratos dealer

Yes! Equipment in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin has joined the Cratos Equipment fleet of partners within the United States.

This partnership introduces new battery powered demolition equipment in the wide variety of machines that Yes! Equipment provides, and only further establishes Wisconsin has a stronghold within Cratos Equipment's territories.

"We are really excited to see our Wisconsin territory grow bigger and stronger," says Bob Maguire, president of Cratos Equipment, "Yes! Equipment has a fantastic reputation that we are delighted to have as a partner."

The MCE400 100 percent battery-powered wheelbarrow is the machine that caught the eye of the Yes! team. "With workers harder to find as employers, we have to find equipment that allows us to get jobs done faster with less labor," says Cliff Anglewicz, CEO at Yes! Equipment. "This coupled for the need to make construction jobs less stressful on a workers body makes the line of Cratos Equipment needed on the job site. Another big benefit is the fact they are all electric and run for a full eight-hour shift. This allows the Cratos Equipment to be used at enclosed construction sites where diesel- and gas-powered equipment can’t be used. So, when it’s time to look at equipment."