Combat coronavirus with creative content

Point of Rental offers a one-stop source for deals, webinars, videos, podcasts and more that address ways rental centers can approach this unique and challenging time.

For the last two weeks, Point of Rental has been sharing webinars, adding deals, and adding other content to help provide in-depth software knowledge and industry insight. All of that information is now available, along with links to upcoming webinars, on a single page:

“We like to think of it as a very niche Netflix,” says Brian Beaudry content creator at Point of Rental. “There’s content on there that’s educational, entertaining and relevant to people throughout the rental industry, whether they’re using Point of Rental or not.”

In addition to providing in-depth software training and general rental knowledge, the page highlights the company’s extension of its ARA Show special and their recent eSign offer, both of which are designed to help rental businesses be safe and successful during the crisis.

The company is soliciting content suggestions through a form at the bottom of the page to ensure that they’re continuing to provide content that benefits the industry.

For more information about Point of Rental and its commitment to the rental industry, visit