Posted April 4, 2023

Secondary guarding for scissor lifts

Australian-based Equipment Safety Systems (EQSS) has developed OverWatch, an industry-first, human-centric secondary guarding solution for scissor lifts.

EQSS OverWatch scissor lift guarding device
Using LiDAR and articifial intelligence, the OweverWatch secondary guarding system can stop lift action if the operator's safety is compromised.

With a LiDAR sensor at its core, OverWatch detects the operator’s position and movements and intervenes only when his or her safety is compromised. It does not interfere with normal operation of the scissor lift, instead it continuously monitors the operator’s position using an infrared light beam. The system can determine when an operator has moved abruptly or is in a dangerous position, either of which will immediately stop the lift.

It features a small sensor that attaches to the scissor lift control box. This is paired with a powerful processor running advanced sensor atrifical intelligence (AI) fusion algorithms to track both operator movement and machine movement, to identify when a cutout is required. 

OverWatch is ideal for the equipment rental industry and is quickly gaining traction in the United States and worldwide. It is a robust, unobtrusive and cost-effective secondary guarding solution that fits any scissor lift and requires only a simple one-time calibration. It works on all job sites and in all weather conditions.