Posted March 25, 2024

MCS Rental Software expands telematics portfolio

MCS Rental Software further enhances its comprehensive telematics offering with two industry-leading providers, Geoforce and Samsara.

This development strengthens MCS’ commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for rental businesses around the globe.

Geoforce is renowned for its advanced asset tracking solutions and brings a wealth of expertise to MCS Rental Software users, allowing them to precisely monitor the location, condition and utilization of their assets.

Samsara offers an innovative approach to fleet management, providing users with top-tier visibility to enhance rental operations. With real-time GPS data, full vehicle tracking, integrated route optimization and custom route analysis, Samsara is a pioneer in telematics technology.

"The integration of Geoforce and Samsara into our telematics offering represents a strategic leap forward in our commitment to providing state-of-the-art rental solutions. We are allowing MCS users to track more of their equipment, while expanding the software’s accessibility to rental businesses worldwide. By incorporating Geoforce and Samsara into our portfolio, MCS reinforces its position as a trailblazer in comprehensive fleet and rental management,” says Josh Lewis, president of MCS Rental Software Inc.

This expansion aligns with MCS' already advanced telematics network. By offering a range of solutions - including those from Enigma Telematics, Teletrac, Eroad, Trackunit, JCB LiveLink, Quiktrak, Pinpoint, JobWatch, and Allsetra - MCS continues to empower rental businesses with unparalleled fleet management.