Posted March 25, 2022

Payment processing service

InTempo Software has expanded its Curbstone payment processing offering to the entire rental industry.

Initially offered as a real-time integration for the InTempo Enterprise rental platform, Curbstone is now available for all rental businesses, regardless of their software platform. Users benefit from:

  • Full support for retail (EMV) purchases; mail and phone orders; and online/e-commerce transactions
  • Card-on-file functionality for recurring rental contracts and subsequent purchases
  • Easy-to-use options for cycle billing, cash customers, deposits, and other rental-specific transactions

Users can process credit and debit card transactions within their existing order entry screens, without having to go to a separate application.

“Counter staff can save a considerable amount of time with Curbstone’s integrated payments. When they create a new rental contract, they enter the customer’s card number, expiration date, and security code in their existing screen. They get authorization in seconds and can move on to the next step in their process – whether that’s sending the customer a copy of their executed contract or getting the machine staged for delivery,” says Matt Hopp, general manager of InTempo Software.

Many users also achieve considerable cost savings when they switch to Curbstone. “We offer access to exclusive processing rates as well as support for Level 2 and Level 3 corporate purchasing cards for additional fee savings,” says Russell Gilmer, director of business development for Curbstone. 

Streamlined PCI compliance is yet another benefit that rental organizations can achieve when they process payments through Curbstone.

“Instead of completing the longest, most complicated PCI SAQ-D, companies can move sensitive payment data off their systems – which means they can qualify for a much shorter, less time-consuming compliance audit. When they’re no longer spending weeks – if not months – on IT audits and compliance reporting, they can focus on what they do best: serving the needs of their rental customers,” says Gilmer.