Posted March 21, 2023

On-the-go inspection software

MCS Rental Software's enhanced Mobile Workshop app ensures equipment safety and maintenance inspections are performed thoroughly and efficiently.

MCS Rental Software safety inspection app
MCS Mobile Workshop allows engineers to access all the information they need on the go.

MCS helps rental businesses to organize their equipment and maintenance schedules and perform safety compliance checks.

MCS Mobile Workshop allows engineers to access all the information they need on the go. Using powerful GPS technician tracking and mobile technology, tasks can be allocated to the nearest, best-equipped technician. 

Rental companies can create a custom checklist for each equipment model. Checklists ensure that all steps in a works order are completed correctly, guiding technicians through inspections, risk assessments and repairs from any location. Digital checklists ensures everyone across the business is using the most up-to-date inspection requirements and performing work accurately.

 “It’s useful to have custom checklists for different models of equipment as not every product in the rental company’s equipment list will be from the same manufacturer. This means inspections can be carried out as per the manufacturer’s exact specifications,” says Josh Lewis, President, MCS Rental Software Inc.

Checklists and documentation no longer need to be printed by engineers to take in the field, saving time and paper. With all records being maintained electronically, it is easier to check inspection records, ensure safety certificates are kept up to date and share inspection records across depots. 

Engineersand technicians receive new jobs via their mobile devices, so they can access the checklist conveniently. Once the job is completed, information is sent back to the workshop management application. With MCS Mobile Workshop, workshop efficiency is increased and task planning is more accurate.

 “Engineer productivity improves as they can simply click a button when they start and finish a job. It’s easy to analyze engineer activity data so renters can set more realistic benchmark times for individual tasks. Time estimates and planning become more accurate as a result and workshop or depot managers can see up-to-date information about all current and completed works orders,” says Lewis.

With MCS Mobile Workshop, technicians can also upload photographs of damage or work completed, assign any charges, parts and labor to the work order and send instructions to the depot to order spare parts.

To ensure engineers and technicians are equipped with the necessary equipment when they attend a job, MCS Rental Software has the ability to keep track of van inventory. The van is treated like a depot and the system allows rental companies to set minimum and maximum stocking thresholds to ensure vans are well-stocked. This increases first-time fixes for engineers who are on the road.

The MCS Mobile Workshop app is developed and provided by MCS, resulting in greater reporting flexibility and convenience. A real-time report can be generated for each and every detail. It will give rental companies a better understanding of true job duration, engineer performance, and travel times.

The powerful features within Mobile Workshop are streamlining maintenance and repair processes for rental companies and minimizing equipment downtime.