Posted March 17, 2020

New engine models

FPT Industrial exhibits a varied selection of off-road engines at Con Expo 2020.

Following are the engines that FPT Industrial featured at the 2020 Con Expo:

F34 Tier 4 Final
This 3.4-liter four-cylinder engine is available in two layouts. The F34 Industrial Power Unit (IPU) delivers a maximum power output of 74 horsepower and 235 foot-pounds of torque.

F34 Tier 4 Final engine

F34 Tier 4 Final - IPU
Architecture:                                 In-Line 4-Cylinder Engine
Injection System (bar):                 Common Rail (up to 1600 bar)
Air Handling:                                 TC
Valves per Cylinder (Number):        2
Displacement (dm3):                      3.4
Bore per stroke (mm):                    99 x 110
Peak Power:                                  74 hp (55 kW)
Max Torque:                                  235 lb-ft (318 Nm)
Oil Service Interval:                       600 h
ATS:                                             DOC+PMcat

F34 Tier 4 Final - Engine
Architecture:                                  In-Line 4-Cylinder Engine
Injection System (bar):                   Common Rail (up to 1600 bar)
Air Handling:                                  TCA
Valves per Cylinder (Number):         4
Displacement (dm3):                      3.4
Bore per stroke (mm):                    99 x 110
Peak Power:                                  121 hp (90 kW)
Max Torque:                                   361 lb-ft (490 Nm)
Oil Service Interval:                        600 h
ATS:                                              HI-eSCR

Designed to cover a wide variety of applications, ranging from pumps to stationary equipment, it is available in a pre-packed configuration, operating as a plug-and-play solution with minimum installation effort.

The over 74-horsepower version provides maximum power of 121 horespower and up to 361 foot-pounds of torque, with a loose ATS granting higher installation flexibility for different applications. To comply with Tier 4 Final standards, the IPU version has DOC and PMcat as part of its after-treatment system, while the over 74 hp engine uses HI-eSCR, without the need for a DPF.  

Focused on compact equipment, the F34 Tier 4 Final delivers high torque output to ensure quick engine response in variable load conditions. Attributes such as the 600-hour oil change interval and single-side service access reduce operating costs and simplify maintenance operations over the entire engine lifecycle.

Cursor 9 Stage V/Tier 4 Final engine

Cursor 9 Stage V / Tier 4 Final

Architecture:                           6-Cylinder Engine
Injection System (bar):            Common Rail (up to 1800 bar)
Air Handling:                           WG
Valves per Cylinder (Number)   4
Displacement (l):                     8.7
Bore per stroke (mm):             117 x 135
Peak Power:                            442 hp (330 kW) @ 1800 rpm
Max Torque:                           1328 lb-ft (1800 Nm) @ 1500 rpm
Oil Service Interval:                 600 h
ATS:                                       HI-eSCR2

Cursor 9 PowerPack

To meet the needs of demanding heavy-duty operations, FPT Industrial offers the Cursor 9 PowerPack. A six-cylinder engine that delivers maximum power of 442 horsepower at 1,800 rpm and maximum torque of 1,328 foot-pounds at 1,500 rpm.

The Cursor 9 is fitted with FPT Industrial’s exclusive after-treatment system, HI-eSCR2, a global solution which enables compliance with the most recent emission standards, such as Tier 4 Final in the United States and Stage V in Europe, maintaining the same packaging for all regions. This technology allows the engine to achieve uprated standards avoiding Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and ensures leadership in fuel economy, power and torque density. It is maintenance-free, granting low operating costs and maximum uptime, together with oil service intervals of 600 hours.

The PowerPack configuration adds a smart and simple installation solution that encompasses all key after-treatment components into a single package. Customers can choose between an engine-mounted PowerPack, which is ready to use, and a loose pack for their own design layout. In both cases, all electrical signals and connections are managed by a single cable for fast and reliable linking to the engine and machine’s electronic management system.

Cursor X power unit

PT Industrial’s symbol of tomorrow’s mobility, the Cursor X 4.0 Power Source Concept is designed for Planet Earth with its four main features.

Cursor X
FPT Industrial’s symbol of tomorrow’s mobility, the Cursor X 4.0 Power Source Concept is designed for Planet Earth with its four main features.

Multi-power: It could be powered by Natural Gas, electric batteries or hydrogen, adjusting to the customers’ business and sustainability needs.

Modular: With the same size as an internal combustion engine and a modular architecture, it would allow for easy assembly, vehicle integration, and quick maintenance.

Multi-application: Adapted to any kind of industrial vehicle or machine, with the flexibility to operate in different missions, such as delivery vans, buses, small dozers, crawler excavators, specialty tractors and combines.

Mindful: Inspired by human intelligence, the engine would be capable of self-learning, predicting and programming its own maintenance.

Cursor X is the most unique and pioneering solution in powertrain, regardless of the mission. The concept also guides the roadmap of FPT Industrial’s next products, which can make a difference in efficiency and sustainability, such as the newly announced F28 Hybrid.

Case Tetra featuring FPT engine
The Case Construction Equipment methane-powered wheel loader concept, dubbed Project TETRA.

N67 Natural Gas/Project TETRA
FPT Industrial also exhibited the N67 NG, a natural gas engine specifically developed for off-road applications.

Besides ensuring diesel-like performance, the N67 Natural Gas has 10 percent lower CO2 emissions than diesel engines in real field conditions, which can reach virtually zero or even become negative when running on biomethane. It is the power behind Case Construction Equipment’s methane-powered wheel loader concept, Project TETRA.