Posted March 14, 2023

Parts ordering for multi-brand fleets

Gearflow Parts Hub software simplifies parts ordering process.

Gearflow, the all-in-one platform that gives heavy equipment fleets better access to parts suppliers, communication and reporting, has launched its new Parts Hub software to simplify the parts ordering.

The Gearflow Parts Hub now allows fleet professionals to consolidate all their parts requests with their local dealers across their mixed fleet in one place. This streamlines the parts ordering experience from end to end, so fleet teams no longer need to juggle multiple parts ordering systems along with hundreds of daily calls and texts to source and track their parts.

“With the Gearflow Parts Hub, fleets can continue to work with all the dealers they trust through one easy-to-use platform,” says Luke Powers, CEO and founder of Gearflow. “This is the next step in partnering with the entire parts supply chain — from end users, distributors, to manufacturers — to fulfill our mission of eliminating equipment downtime in the construction industry. With an average profit margin of 5.5 percent for contractors, fleet teams have to operate more efficiently in order to avoid a loss and ultimately achieve higher returns.”

The Parts Hub also introduces the ability for users to get their parts from their local dealers delivered right to their location with Gearflow Courier powered by Curri, a platform that provides nationwide construction and industrial logistics services. 

“One of our user accounts analyzed that it costs an average of $300 per pickup in lost labor, fuel, and wasted time to send an internal parts runner,” says Ben Preston, Gearflow COO and cofounder. “With Gearflow Courier powered by Curri, there’s no need to tie up staff with costly and time-consuming parts pickups anymore. We’ll send a courier to do it for you.”

"Curri is excited to partner with Gearflow to raise the bar on local parts delivery needs for heavy equipment,” says Josh Rigstad, director of partnerships for Curri. “Gearflow's sourcing technology along with Curri's nationwide delivery coverage means same-day parts delivery that enables critical equipment to be put back into service, removing costly job site delays."

Other benefits of the Gearflow Parts Hub include:

  • Centralized parts requests to both local dealers and the Gearflow Supplier Network, the largest curated network of parts suppliers in North America
  • Seamless communication during the ordering process with live messaging tied to every request and order
  • Real-time visibility into operating costs and productivity across the entire fleet and team

Early users of Gearflow are reporting that the platform reduces equipment downtime, redistributes administrative time to higher-value tasks, and restructures their fleet operations as a differentiator in job profitability.

"When you consider equipment downtime, idle labor, and job delays when you need parts, your losses can be insurmountable,” says Jarod Lashley, business unit manager for the construction equipment division at CCC Group in San Antonio. “With Gearflow, your lead time is low, since you only need to send one request to reach many vendors at one time. In addition to having all your parts decisions in one place, Gearflow makes managing your costs easier so you can keep up your productivity levels."

"We started using Gearflow as a safety net to help us get back-ordered parts quicker,” says Dan Maitland, equipment operations manager for Ajax Paving Industries of Florida. “However, they have quickly turned into a price-checking ally and a problem solver for ordering parts for our operation.”

"Our parts-ordering process is so much easier now with Gearflow,” says Shannan Stephens, project coordinator at Clearwater Utilities, part of Clear Companies, located near Houston. “The software is simple to use and it allows our fleet operations to run more smoothly. We put in our parts requests, and they take care of all the rest, so our team can focus on what we do best: getting our equipment back to work."