Posted March 4, 2022

FPT Industrial powers Case Construction Equipment’s new E-Series crawler excavators

FPT Industrial Stage V NEF engines power the new Case E-Series crawler excavators.

Building on a legacy of earth-moving innovation spanning 180 years, Case now presents the “E-Series” crawler excavators – where “E” stands for “Excellence” – ranging from 13 to 30 metric ton models: CX130E, CX160E, CX180E, CX210E, CX240E, CX250E and CX300E. They feature best-in-class benefits, offering customers greater controllability, reliability, operator  comfort, efficiency, productivity and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). They are powered  by FPT Industrial NEF engines.

FPT Industrial engine

The FPT Industrial N45 engine.

The new E-Series incorporates more powerful and efficient Stage V engines offer greater displacement while meeting stringent emissions requirements. The 13- to 18-metric ton  models feature the N45, the 4.5-liter engine from the NEF series, while the N67 6.7-liter, 6-cylinder version from the same engine family powers the 21-30-metric ton models.

The NEF engines powering the new Case E-Series ensure optimal combustion efficiency thanks to their EGR-free architecture, while the FPT-patented HI-eSCR2 after-treatment system results in low running costs. This system has no need for mechanical cleaning  or replacement parts over its life cycle. High-capacity filters with clogging sensors deliver best- in-class service intervals of up to 1,000 hours, an outstanding improvement over previous  solutions.

To allow the use of renewable fuels, NEF Stage V engines on all E-Series models are compatible with EN15940-compliant fuels, such as the increasingly popular HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils).

FPT Industrial engine
The FPT Industrial N67 engine.

Designed for the most demanding construction equipment missions, the NEF series is the foremost example of FPT Industrial’s technological excellence. Since 2001, more than 2 million engines have been manufactured for a wide range of applications: construction equipment, agriculture, on-road, marine, and power generation.

FPT Industrial’s offering for the earthmoving sector features engine families with power outputs ranging from 40 to 670 kW, and displacements of 2.8 to 20 liters. They can be installed  on several applications such as excavators, wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, graders, dozers, forklifts, cranes and others.

With best-in-class performance in terms of power, torque, fuel efficiency, and reliability, the NEF series stands out for its flexibility, with 4- (N45) and 6- (N67) cylinder configurations, as well as a wide range of options to customize the solution to the customers’ requirements.

Both NEF engines and the HI-eSCR2 system for Stage V compliance are offered in a compact  and lightweight package to facilitate installation on the vehicle, offering a wide range of after- treatment layouts for customized solutions.

“The new Case E-Series excavators are a perfect example of how a combination of new and leading features can work together to deliver customers great and real benefits,” says Diego Rotti, Off-Road product marketing manager of FPT Industrial. “We are proud   to provide Case Construction Equipment with powerful and efficient engine solutions granting the technological excellence they deserve and to do our very best to keep Case at the top of such a competitive and demanding industry.

For further technical specifications, visit road/movimento-terra/n45