Posted February 21, 2020

January equipment sales outlook

2019 values for most general construction and heavy earthmoving equipment have shown softening, reports Rouse Services, LLC.

From 2018 highs through the auction channels with retail pricing showing both more moderate weakness and in some cases flat performance across the various products.

The softening was more noticeable across heavy earthmoving products, where both auction and retail recoveries demonstrated downward movements throughout the year. These trends appear to be fairly consistent across each of the core products: excavators, dozers, wheel loaders, articulated trucks.

Within general construction products, the story has been mixed, with observed softening in the auction channels while retail activity has broadly remained steady. Telehandlers continue to show the most resilience, while aerial products and light/medium earthmoving have been more heavily impacted.

As we turn the focus to 2020, it is expected that January volumes will be light as is the seasonal trend, with February’s big auction events likely to serve as the first meaningful indicator for the health of used equipment markets.

The Equipment Report - January 2020.