Posted February 21, 2023

Improve view of inventory on wheels

New van inventory feature from MCS Rental Software transforms visibility of rental parts.

Rental Software Supplier, MCS, develops new feature in its all-in-one rental solution, allowing rental companies to keep track of inventory availability and quantities held in vans. By increasing the visibility of equipment and parts stored in vans helps renters to ensure drivers are always well-equipped with all the tools and parts required for their jobs. 

Knowing what inventory and parts are available has long been a challenge for rental companies because once the parts have left the depot inventory, they were essentially marked as ‘used.’ Having the new ability to keep track of van inventory, as though the van itself is a depot, means rental companies can set minimum and maximum stock thresholds to ensure vans are always well stocked when they are on the road,” says Josh Lewis, president of MCS Rental Software Inc.

With set templates, MCS Rental Software identifies van inventory shortages and automatically creates inter-depot transfers of necessary inventory from the nearest depot to the van. With this visibility, rental companies can now ensure that they are not over-ordering or under-ordering parts and equipment, improving cash flow and increasing first-time fixes of engineers on the road. Josh continues,

“It’s not just from a parts ordering point of view that this feature has an impressive impact. Whenever rental companies are planning their resources, vehicles with specific inventory can now be selected, meaning the right driver and parts are sent to each job.”

The latest van inventory feature comes shortly after many new releases from MCS Rental Software, enhancing the way transport, deliveries and servicing are all handled with new mobile apps and features, making the rental process more streamlined.