Posted February 17, 2021

Haulotte redesigns service contracts

Haulotte creates modular contracts for warranty extensions, maintenance and full service.

By delegating the maintenance operations to Haulotte Service experts, customers can focus on their businesses. The equipment is in perfect condition and always complies with the existing regulations.

“Haulotte’s service contracts have been refined to bring more legibility and peace of mind. They help our customers to control their total cost of ownership. The Haulotte technicians’ know-how combined with the use of genuine spare parts maximize the fleet’s uptime and optimize the residual value of the machines, “says Pierre Barbet, Haulotte Customer Service technical manager.

Warranty Extension Contract: The warranty extension contract enhances profitability up to 5 years. Because genuine parts, labor and travel costs are included, customers easily keep their maintenance costs under control, says said Pierre Barbet, Customer Service technical manager at Haulotte.

Maintenance Contracts: The new maintenance contract calls upon the expertise of the Haulotte Service teams. They review the equipment according to the maintenance manual programs and identify potential threats on the machines. In case of intensive use, the new heavy-duty option makes it possible to perform maintenance operations twice a year. 

Full Service Contracts: For absolute peace of mind, the full service contract combines the benefits of the warranty extension and maintenance contracts at a preferenti al rate.